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$100 an hour 1-on-1
$150 for an assessment

I’m not going to tell you what to do, I will teach you how to do it better. This is the difference between a trainer and a coach. 

My end goal for you is to recover from current injury/imbalances, avoid future ones, move better, and eventually be able to make all the proper decisions on your own. 

I don’t give generic workout or diet templates. I can give you 1-2 days a week of accessory programming to address imbalances in your current program, but my main goal is to balance you and make you better at what you are currently doing. If you are very imbalanced or do not have a program I can give you a 4-5 day a week training program for general physical preparedness. 

It is similar concept for diet. I’m not going to send you a shopping list and a daily list of what to eat. I want to see what you are doing right now and how we can develop better habits and education with regards to nutrition. 

Feedback is essential with my clients, no feedback means no progress. I require clients to be willing to listen and provide frequent feedback and videos of their training. This is a relationship not a dictatorship. 


If you have an injury, disability, movement restriction or special requirements we can sit down for a session and discuss and analyze where you currently are and where we will go from there. This is for people serious about improving their movement and eliminating pain. 

I will try to help you with:

  • discovering the source of the pain

  • understanding the imbalances caused by this or as a result of

  • help restore balance to your body

  • offset the imbalances that your current training/sport cause

This will include a full session recap as well as detailed notes and videos for the exercise and movements recommended. 

This is not a requirement for booking a personal training session if you don't have no previous injuries or major imbalances. 


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$75+ an hour
Monthly programs $100-150
Personal Training and customized programming is available through our trainers. 

  • Training around an injury

  • Competing in a specific sport

  • Targeting a weakness/imbalance

  • Wanting to compete in CrossFit at a high level

  • Want to train on your own outside of a box

  • strength building

  • olympic lifting

  • general fitness

  • crossfit for sport

  • nutritional support

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Personal Training: $75.00/1 Hour Session

Individualized Programming: $40 - $100/Month

  • Personal Training (One on One)

    • Getting comfortable in a gym setting.

    • Improving on weaknesses.

    • Gaining physical and mental strength.

  • Individualized Programming:

    • CrossFit (Casual/Sport)

    • Powerlifting

    • Olympic Weightlifting