Personal Training
Distance Coaching

EVERETT SLOAN - monthly programs $75-$150 -
I have extensive experience and education in programming for almost any requirements you may have. I follow the philosophy of minimum training for maximal results. I can also include diet/nutrition as well as mental toughness training.   These are not cookie cutter programs, I only take on a few clients at a time so that I can give them my undivided attention. 

I also have extensive experience dealing with recovery from injuries or working with injured/disabled/older athletes.

All programs start with and include a monthly assessment / update. If you are local it can be done at Crossfit Bytown, if a distance client it can be done via Skype / Facetime. 

The constant contact option is for people who want daily access via text message or email. I can also review daily movement videos. 

DANIEL SHRUM - $75+ an hour / monthly programs $100-150 -
Personal Training and customized programming is available through our trainers. 

  • Training around an injury
  • Competing in a specific sport
  • Targeting a weakness/imbalance
  • Wanting to compete in CrossFit at a high level
  • Want to train on your own outside of a box

TAYLOR STEWART - $75+ an hour / Monthly programs $100-150 -
Offering one on one personal training/personal programming and small group training out of crossfit bytown. all programming will be goal orientated and tailored to the athlete.
wether it be:
- strength building
- olympic lifting
- general fitness
- crossfit for sport
- nutritional support