Andrew Forward - Kids Coach

Forward's first experience with CrossFit was as a software engineer, not coach,
working for CrossFit Head Quarters (HQ) remotely from Ottawa.  Prior to CrossFit, strength
training was limited to carrying children on shoulders.  It took a year at HQ before
joining a gym, and then another year before completing his L1.  Andrew recently completed
the CrossFit Kids specialty seminar and hopes to introduce some kid classes here at
Bytown in the near future.

Andrew loves doing gym math, and will often help (or bother?) others with their gym math too,
as he feels it is way more important to scale to the spirit of the workout
versus trying to achieve the Rx (prescribed) numbers.

And a small warning, do not watch his overhead position, as there are two
things stacked against him (pun intended).  First and unsurprisingly is poor shoulder 

flexibility, and second is that his arm do not lock out and they never have.

You can catch Andrew working out during the day-time Strongman and CrossFit
classes, and you might catch him during a weekend class filling in as a coach.