This is all the relevant information you will need to know about Crossfit Bytown. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Please keep these emails for future reference. There are instructional videos for all the common movements and exercises, as well as information about the gym policies and procedures.

Why Bytown? - What sets our gym apart from others

Foundational Movements


* Air -

* Front -

* Overhead -


* Strict -

* Push -

* Jerk -


* Deadlift -

* Clean -

* Snatch -

Carries / Pulls

* Sandbag Carry -

* Sled Pull -

* Farmer Carry -


* Double Under -

* Kettlebell Swing -

* Yoke -

Bytown Info

* Class reservation system - There is an iPhone and android app available for making class reservations. Search in the App Store for Pike13. Please sign up before class or sign in on the computer before class when you arrive.

* Bytown Facebook Chat (Its Private)- (Please add a coach as a friend if you require access)

* Personal Training -

* Gym Etiquette - (these should be common sense, but ...)

* Open gym - This is only on coaches approval. This is not an exchange for open gym, you must perform a class workouts as well.

* Crossfit Gym lingo -

* Paleo and Zone diet -

Any problems or questions you can contact me:



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