What is a member ambassador?

These are members who have been with us for awhile and understand the benefits of CrossFit, great at socializing with new members, have an engaged presence at the box, and are actively engaged in social media. 

These members proudly represent CrossFit Bytown. Remember we do no advertising, word of mouth and referral from our members is how we succeed.  

These members are also willing to take new or nervous members under their wing for a class. 

JF Proulx

I Started crossfitting at CrossFit Trois rivieres on August 3 2012 came in at 251 pounds , fell in love right away with CrossFit i finally found a way to workout that was fun , what made it fun ? The people , community and mindset behind it . When i moved back to Ottawa in march i went around all the boxes and chose Bytown because i saw the passion of Everett . In April i got me level 1 crossfit and since then i have been learning to coach which is a ton of fun . I have maintained my weight at 210 pounds more importantly i have way more energy feel allot better about myself . One of the great side effects of CrossFit is the people you meet the support is awesome , i have travelled to Costa rica California NYC Texas and have been able to get my CrossFit fix all over the world





Tyler martin

My dad was a professional bodybuilder growing up, so I was always interested in lifting weights, but nothing – not weightlifting, hockey or judo – ever captured my interest like CrossFit.

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into a box and saw someone doing kipping pull-ups – I had to try it, and I was immediately hooked. 

Bytown has given me ample opportunity to express my love for the sport with a multitude of classes, events, and competitions that always keep me engaged and allow for me to dip into my competitive spirit. I’m now a Level 2 Coach with certificates in rowing, gymnastics, and Olympic lifting. I’ve also completed the CrossFit Competitior’s Course. Recently, Everett gave me the opportunity to start coaching at Bytown and I’m so happy to be more involved. This is a wonderful place to meet new people and grow as a coach, an athlete, and ultimately a person.
I love CrossFit. And I love CrossFit Bytown.  


lindsay beardsall

I started CrossFit November 2011 and drank the cool aid right away. Coming from high school and national level wrestling I wasn’t sure what my athletic adult life was going to look like but I craved being part of a team and community well still being self-drive just like wrestling. I complete my first work out beside Steff Salon it was toe to bar I could do them but man it took me for ever.
I knew I was going to be a competitive crossfiter from the get go. I signed up for my first comp Rx individual having no idea what I was in for and much to Evertt's dismay. I competed beside Michele Letendre and it is still one of my most memorable moments I made the semi-finals and finished 9th place. I was so excited. I made it to regionals on my team that year with Evertt and then again the following year.
Post regionals 2013 I re-injured my left knee and had 4 surgeries over 2 years starting October 2013 and finishing Dec 2014. Came back to Bytown iii may 2014 and slowly and I mean slowly made my way back up. This year I competed in the open for the first time post op and finished 201 in Canada east. My lowest personal score but my proudest moment because I did it pain free. I can’t thank the whole coaching and member team at Bytown for being supportive of me. “There is pain that hurts you – and there is pain that changes you” word to live by.



lukas jeffery

My name is Lukas Jeffery. I was born in 1994 in a small town, Watford, in Southwestern Ontario. I’m an Accounting student at the University of Ottawa.
CrossFit Bytown is my first official CrossFit affiliate.

I was introduced many years ago when I was 15. I’ve done years of CrossFit training outside an affiliate and have been at CrossFit Bytown since August, 2015. I am a big believer in the methodologies and principles CrossFit is built on. I’m obsessive when it comes to seeing how and why things work and this has led me to spend countless hours researching programming, nutrition and CrossFit in general.

If you have any questions I’ve gained many insights into why CrossFit works and how to best leverage it in your life. Good things will come to you if you join our team at CrossFit Bytown - I believe that with all my heart!


Stephanie Sloan

Growing up in a big city such as Montreal, the move to Ottawa a couple of years ago was hard. But she knew that her husband Everett and her would start a new adventure and would turn out great!. And it did, they got married, bough a house, own a gym and gave birth to a little bundle of Joy "Mikko"

Not knowing anybody other then her co workers, Stephanie had decided to join a Crossfit gym. She soon realized what a great the community it was and made many friends. Members had made her feel so comfortable. The the box became her second family. Soon after her husband and her decided to share their dream and open their own gym. Here they are now, at Crossfit Bytown. She wants to share with you a great experience, make you feel comfortable and make it your second home. Exactly the way people had approached her on the first day of Crossfit


mike giroux

Growing up a competitive hockey and lacrosse player, health and fitness was always a big part of my life. It wasn't until I found CrossFit that I realized the potential of what we are capable of. As a professional full time firefighter here in Ottawa, I continue to use my fitness everyday, and through CrossFit I carry out my passion for competition. I have a strong commitment to a continued education in health and fitness and strongly believe that through CrossFit we can be prepared for any challenge we may face. I took my CrossFit level 1 in October 2014, and have been coaching at CrossFit Bytown part time ever since. 


Pat Portugaise


Crossfit is the conduit that allows me to improve my everyday live. I believe that being able to do anything at anytime is essential to a balanced lifestyle. I truly enjoy being able to push my body to uncomfortable levels in order to find my weaknesses. I love crossfit's methodology and its grass root concept of community. Bytown enables me to push myself as I try to inspire others to join on this journey.









Sebastian forgues

I have been working in hospitals since 2005. I started as a porter, worked as a respiratory therapist and am now a sleep technologist.  One thing that as been frustrating me all these years are people who got legitimately sick with something that could be avoided by a simple lifestyle change. From smoking cigarettes to bad nutrition and sedentary lifestyle. My work experience has made me very conscious of the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. When I first stepped into Crossfit Bytown in 2014, I got hooked on the first day. Seeing a range of different people (young, old, beginners, out of shape) working out alongside some of the most in-shape people I ever met, I knew this was something different than the average globo gym. A few months later, I saw myself along with everyone being in better shape and way stronger than I had ever been even though I had been involved in gyms and sports all my life. Right then, I knew this was a way to get people to be healthier. A year passed and I went to get my level 1 with the goal of coaching and helping people live a healthier life. I love nothing more than showing people who have never worked out in the past to move safely and help them on their quest to become the best version of themselves


Rim Khazall


I started CrossFitting in the end of January '12. My intro WOD was wall balls, box jumps and burpees. Descending ladder. I used a ball that weighed less then a wallet, the box jumps were step ups on two 45lbs plates and the burpees were well,the world's slowest most painful burpees. It took me 40 mins as opposed to everyone else's average of 13mins.. I was pretty sure I was going to die.  I wish I could tell ya it got better..It didn't. You should see me box jump..Or try to run.Or attempt gymnastics.. It's HILARIOUS. Seriously, I have the grace of a wounded elephant..Yet I still come back and I "love" it. 

I've always identified myself as scientist and a youth worker. CrossFit is now building me into becoming an athlete. Perhaps one that will always struggle with kicking up to a handstand and will always whine about burpees but an athlete nonetheless.

Bytown has a wonderful atmosphere of likeminded, insane, diverse members, great coaches (although they tend to have a thing for burpees) and brutal yet addictive workouts.  So if you're new to our Bytown Family, welcome! I can't wait to meet you & start *chirping* you ;) 





You’ll find me on the corner of Holy S%$& and This Is A Privilege.   I started CrossFit in 2014 after a few surgeries and chemo and kept going through a few more surgeries and some more chemo.  CrossFit Bytown gives me a community, a place to push my limits and trust my body again after all it’s been through.  You’ll find me at Bytown, sporting my scars and usually snatching.  Or wishing I were!  And though you’ll often hear me swear, I’m always thinking This Is A Privilege.