What is CrossFit?


Over the past three months since we have been open I have been asked many times what is CrossFit.  It is easy to answer with the technical definition; to increase work capacity over broad time and modal domain.  In layman’s terms we use many different techniques, movements, skills and combine them to kick our asses in more ways than we ever thought possible.   However, when each and every one of us steps back after being involved in this sport we can create our own definition of what CrossFit is.  If you want my definition, even if you do not, you are reading this blog so you are going to get it anyway, here goes.

When we opened our doors in November I was scared sh*#less!  Would I be a good coach?  Could I teach someone how to move well or teach them technical lifts that I was still working on?  I convinced myself it was possible and each and every day is a challenge.  However, it is a challenge I have grown to love in a very short period of time.  Over the past three months I have seen people not only develop as athletes but also as people.  Individuals have lost weight, gained physical strength, increased their confidence and shown me that change is only achievable if we want to change.  I have changed my coaching technique and outlook a million times since we opened our doors and I owe it all to our members.  This past weekend I was fortunate enough to watch four members compete in their first competition and it was truly amazing.  We had one member win her first competition, which in itself is incredible.  I knew she was a great athlete; however, she impressed me more than anything I was expecting.  However, what was more impressive was the fact that all four members had enough courage and heart to sign up and compete with only being in the sport after three months.  Does that mean I think CrossFit is just about competition?  Not even close.

Those members who competed were only able to compete because of their hard work and determination.  It takes a lot of self motivation and focus to make yourself better and they have all committed to that.  However, I would argue that each one of those competitors have accomplished this short-term goal because of every other member our community.  The support that each one of us provides to everyone else on a daily basis makes us all better.  It pushes us to be better at CrossFit and it also pushes us to support others.  I have not seen one our members snub another member or not show support prior, during or post WOD.  This is what CrossFit is about to me; the community.  As coaches we provide the technique and provide the venue.  As a community, you all provide the motivation, support and encouragement to make other people better.  You might not see it from a member perspective but let me assure you, each and every one of you play a major role in the development of each other. 

Whatever reason, motivation or goal gets you through the door at Bytown, the community will ensure you reach that purpose.  That to me is poetry in humanity and that is why I love coming in each day.  I would love to be able to explain this to someone the next time they ask me what is CrossFit.  However, it is not possible and that is fine.  I will continue to be technical and explain the great benefits of the sport, but in my heart I know what the true meaning is.  I owe each member a massive thank you for allowing me to be a part of this great community we have created.  You are more than members, you are friends!  Continue to be great.


Crossfit Bytown