Gym Rules / Etiquette


1- Put your shit away. Do not let us find a band/ball/chalk/tape/water bottles/etc laying around for more than one class. IF WE DO, EVERYONE IN THE BOX GETS 10 BURPEES!
2- If you sweat/bleed/cry/pee on it, wipe it down.  We have wipes out by the fan. This includes sweat puddles on the floor. 
3- Put your equipment away neatly. Hang your jump ropes and bands correctly. Stack your abmats, foam rollers, etc. 
4- Pick up your boxes,  do not drag them.
5- Don’t drop/dump unloaded bars, or bars with anything smaller than 10s.  You’ll break them, we won’t be happy.
6- Know your boxmates’ names.  If you slip up in the NAME GAME, EVERYONE GETS 10 BURPEES!
7- No Outside footwear. Nobody wants to lay down in the dirt you track in on your shoes. 
8- Show respect while the coach is talking. Please keep the volume down. 
9- Use chalk sparingly. Chalk is used to stop sweat. Try and keep it in the chalk buckets and off the floor. DO NOT use chalk to write on the floor. 
10- Reserve and Record your attendance. Use the website or iPhone app to reserve classes ahead of time. When you get to class login on the computer at the desk. We use these statistics to track attendance and manage class sizes.


You can easily reserve classes with an iPhone, download the Zenplanner App. Login with the same email and password you use online.  

We keep track of all the workouts through SocialWOD. You can claim your profile using an email address or facebook profile. You can then use a computer or iPhone mobile web app to look up all your previous workouts.  
Coach E

Crossfit Bytown