How to use your Scan Cards


Some of you have been with us for awhile and know that attendance tracking can be tricky. We have gone through many steps to try and make it as easy for the athletes and the coaches.  
I have revised and simplified this as much as possible, here are the details.

Reserving a class

 We still want you to reserve your spot in class before showing up. This can be done through our regular website by clicking on the upper right Member Login link. If you are using a mobile phone you can go to our mobile site

Scan Cards

Recently it has been up to the coach to check you into class. If they forgot, then it would send you an email saying you missed your reservation. When you arrive there is a scanner to the left of the computer. Simply scan you card to log in. If you are late, this is going to be an issue. So don't be late. If you don't have a card yet, ask your coach. At this time if you also do not have your picture on the wall, it would be a nice time to have it taken. 

I Owe Money?

When you scan you card it might give you a message that you owe money, this is usually an error that we will manually have to clear. If this does show up please let Coach E know. 


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