Surviving the Holidays

Its that wonderful time of year when everyone gets together in the comfort of the indoors to spend time with family during the holidays. Usually these encounters involve food, lots of food, lots of bad food. The average person is said to gain 5 pounds over the holidays. Lets not be a statistic. 

Here are a few tips that can help you remain healthy during the holidays. 

1- Learn to say NO. Sometimes we are force to make a few quick visits to multiple people in a day, they are all offering food. Politely decline, you are not obligated to eat what is presented to you.  It might be too much food, it might be poor quality food. People often will eat the food for fear of offending the  host. Perhaps think of it as the host offending you by expecting you to eat that food. 

2- Make time for fitness. You might be travelling, it might be a time issue. Make time for yourself. There are travel WODS that can be done in your hotel room, you can visit local boxes to check them out, you can even go for a run. We also all need to work on our mobility, bring a lacrosse ball and a foam roller with you on your travels. 

3- Bring your own food. It may sound weird, but if they are your family they probably already know how weird you are. My family expects me to show up with my tupperwear meals, I heat them up and sit down with the family and eat my meals. No excuses here. You don't have to explain yourself, also please don't be preachy and judgemental to the people enjoying their "normal" holiday food. An excellent idea is to bring some healthy paleo food for everyone else to try as well. 

4- Enjoy the food, in moderation. It is always a good idea to kick back and relax, just have some restraint, and realize that this all has to end. Christmas and New Years is often filled with regretful food decisions. Reminds me of a quote from the late great Jack Lalanne "ten seconds on the lips, a lifetime on the hips"

5- Limit alcohol consumption. We all make bad decisions after a few drinks, your food choices might be a minor decision, but it will still be a morning full of regret. Know your limits, some people might have to avoid all alcohol, some people can get away with a few drinks and still make the proper decision. 

6- Eat slowly. Most people take awhile to feel satiety. Drinking water will help with this as well. Chew slowly and take this opportunity to talk to the people you are sitting down with. 

7- Most importatntly enjoy the holidays. This is a wonderful time of the year where we get to see people that we might not get to see as often as we wish. Your emotional fitness is an important part of your whole fitness plan. 

Yours in fitness, 
  Coach Everett