What am I on?

I had someone approach me the other day and candidly ask "What juice are you on man?". I was a little taken aback. Shocked at first by his honesty to ask me this publicly, and more than a little insulted. What am I on? I am on the Airdyne at 7am on Christmas Day busting my ass. I can't remember the last time I was up after 10pm, or still in bed past 7am. I am spending on hour a night rolling out on my foam roller and Lacross balls.  I have been putting in work in the gym for over 20 years. I have been working with a great coach who communicates with me on a daily basis to ensure I am pushing hard enough to break through plateaus but not hard enough to break me mentally or physically. I work with a nutritional coach who ensures that my supplementation and diet are optimized for recovery and performance. I work with local Chiropractors and Massage Therapists on a weekly basis to get tissue work done to ensure that I am moving correctly. The last big "cheat meal" I had involved sushi and a protein bar. I spend my Saturday evenings for several hours in the kitchen with my wife (my number one supporter) preparing my meals for the coming week. When we are done, more than half the fridge is filled with tupperwear. I spend time every day inputting all of my workout data into a computer program to calculate my work output, personal records, and discover weaknesses in my programming. Instead of watching tv, im on my computer educating myself.   

All of this time and work, for what? To feel fucking amazing, like I can conquer any challenge without preparation. Being able to actually use my fitness for personal enjoyment. Feeling mentally and physically prepared for anything. Most importantly, because I love this lifestyle. 

A little bit of a rant, but for people who do not fully grasp my lifestyle it might seem a little obsessive, but people shouldn't think that drugs are a shortcut for a ton of dedication, hard work, and sacrifice. For the uninitiated they think that drugs are a simple answer. I meticulously check my supplement labels to make sure they are certified safe for sport (NSF, and WADA). I won't get into the whole drugs in sport debate in this post (its coming in a future post). For the record I compete in tested federations, and will gladly take any drug test that is brought to me. 

What am I on, i'm on my computer on christmas eve explaining my passion.

 Your in Fitness
  Coach Everett


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