Blonyx HMB+ Review

I have used various creatine products since EAS Phosphagen HP was around (mid 90s). Back then creatine products were like drinking sand and were mixed with a ton of dextrose (sugar) to "help absorption" and needed to be "loaded" for a week. This resulted in a ton of stomach discomfort and loads of useless sugar being ingested. Back then HMB also hit the market, at the time it was a more cutting edge supplement, reported to have many of the same benefits of creatine, but also to  help with recovery more so than maximal strength output. The problem was HMB was insanely expensive (creatine was also expensive when it first came out), so to take an effective dose of HMB was not cost effective. 

Fast forward 20 years, yes 20 years, and I am trying HMB again. This time the price has dropped significantly, to the point where one can actually afford to take the recommended dosage without having to get a bank loan. A lot has changed in the supplement industry since then. One great improvement is actual research going into supplements. A great advertising budget is not the basis for most companies now, research and statistics are. Mind you, many of those statistics are inflated or misrepresented, such as 36% strength increase vs placebo. That could simply mean a 1-2 pound difference on a test lift. I tend to ignore the claims and look at the research. Creatine is the most researched supplement in the industry. It works, its safe, its legal, period. This supplement has more research behind it than some pharmaceuticals. Besides the research in athletic performance, it is also being researched for brain health and treatment of alzheimers disease. The stories of "bloating" and water weight gain of creatine are from the inferior quality products back in the day, it doesn't happen anymore. Creatine will increase your maximal lifts and reps, it also helps reduce lactic acid during exercise (less muscle fatigue). If you want to read the technical details, check these papers out. At the the current time there are 54,700 research papers on google scholar on creatine. Have fun. As a final note, don't bother with the newer creatine compounds. Such as kre-alkalyn and such. This is just s way to charge more for creatine, all the research has been done on regular creatine monohydrate. Several years ago I would have suggested to look for a creatine with the Creapure label, as the cheaper Chinese creatine was grainy. It's so cheap now that it's actually hard to find bad creatine. 

HMB does not have the research that creatine does, but does have some promising research as far as supplements go. While creatine has been shown to increase maximal strength output, HMB is more on the recovery side. It has been shown to reduce muscle soreness and speed recovery. By recovering faster it allows us to train harder then next day, and makes you a lot less sore. HMB also has some positive reviews showing an increase of aerobic endurance. For you geeks you can read the studies here

I have been using Blonyx HMB+, which is HMB and creatine. I take two scoops a day (1 pre workout, and 1 post workout) which provides me with the recommended dosage of 3g of HMB and 5 grams of creatine. 30 days later my weight has stayed the same, which is good. Performance has definitely increased. My strength and recovery has improved and my metcons just seem to have a little more pep in them. I find myself thinking "that should have been harder" when I am done the workout. All in all, definitely satisfied the the product. 

This is something I will be adding into my regular supplement stack. There are a ton of creatine products on the market. Many of these are the "kitchen sink" mixes. Companies trying to differentiate themselves and adding all kinds of additives in their creatine product, usually in such minute amounts that it makes no impact, but makes you have to take a larger serving size, thus run out of product faster. Almost every company has a creatine product. So why should you choose Blonyx. Well they are a crossfit company. They specialize in making only two products, HMB or HMB and creatine. Thats it. And they make them well. No sweeteners, flavours, or colours added in. Just two ingredients. Each bottle will last you a month. If you are against creatine there is a HMB only supplement, personally I wouldn't use it without the creatine, but the option is there if you want to. 

The only thing I would change with this product is adding in beta-alanine, another "gold standard" supplement for performance athletes. Right now I add mine in separately, it would be nice to get all 3 in one product. 

You can get a discount by going to the Blonyx website and using the code. "bytownblonyx". If there is enough demand I will start carrying this on site. 

Yours in fitness
  Coach Everett

Crossfit Bytown