Purepharma review

Many of you may or may not know, but I am pretty picky and jaded when it comes to supplements. I am given all kinds of products to try, many of them I won't even bother trying. They are full of possibly dangerous ingredients, artificial ingredients, "proprietary blends"  or worse, full of bogus claims. I used to own a health food store, and I have close friends who work for some of the biggest name supplement companies. From sales and distribution, advertising, and research. I have been around the block for awhile, I have seen many the same products surface over the years, some companies come out of nowhere and within a short period, are gone. 

Purepharma will not be one of those companies. Unlike many companies that try and have a little in every department to guarantee a consistent revenue stream, Purepharma makes 3 products. They make these three products very well. These are not products that you are going to take pre-workout and notice a huge PR on your workout. These are some of the most basic supplements. The ones you should have in line before taking other products. These can all easily be obtained from food, but in todays day, very few of us get the required nutrients through our diet. I have explained how these foundational supplements are important in a previous blog post. 

Purepharma stands behind quality. In fact, for each of their 3 supplements they are not satisfied with just one mark of quality control. In fact their fish oil has 6 different marks of quality control. I appreciate this in a company. They do three things, and they do them very well. They fully explain what each ingredient is in their supplements, and why they put it in. Now lets look at their supplements.

Vitamin D. 1000iu, 120 capsules, approx $20. This is a little expensive for vitamin D if you compare it to the bottle of vitamin D you can pick up for $4 at wall-mart. But, this stuff is independently tested for purity and concentration, is non-GMO,  Certified by USP, GMP and  IFIT.

Magnesium, 100mg, 120 capsules, approx $37. First off, organic and non-GMO. Plus has malic acid, B6 and zinc to help with absorption. Certified USP, GMP, and IFIT.

Fish oil, 2000mg, 120 capsules, approx $45. It is one of the strongest fish capsules on the market, and probably the one with the most initials after its name. Certified IFOS, FOS, GMP, REACH, ISO, and CRN. 

All in all you can get the same supplements from other companies for much less money, but if purity and quality are your number one priority, then Purepharma is your company. Think of it like you can be putting gas in your race car, or racing fuel. If you diet and training are in check then you should up your supplement game. 

Pricing is good, its definitely not the cheapest on the market. There are products of inferior quality that cost more. For many, it will be the availability that will be the issue. Purepharma can only be found online and through local CrossFit boxes. 

I have used these for a month. Like I said, its not something that you should feel an immediate difference with, and I didn't. But my diet and supplementation are pretty spot on. 

Yours in fitness
   Coach Everett

Crossfit Bytown