Changes for the Open

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As most of you know I attended my Coach’s Prep Course in Florida Valentines Day Weekend. It was a great experience. One of the highlights of the weekend for me was talking about programming with two very influential member of Crossfit, Russel Berger and Chuck Carswell. 


We talked about why programming in Canada is very different than most CrossFit gyms in the USA. In the CrossFit level 1, and in the more advanced CrossFit courses they teach constantly varied programming, hitting all modalities, not having a bias or speciality. The reason is, CrossFit is a GPP (General physical preparedness) program. It supposed to make you good at everything, not specializing in strength. This reduces the time people have to get the required work done. And lets be honest, if you know part A is front squats for 5 then part B is Fran, you are not going to be really maxing out your front squats. This appears to have started with some CrossFit gyms that were the pioneering gyms in Canada that had powerlifters as owners. So they thought that some heavy lifting had to be done everyday as that is the workout style they have known for years. 

At the Level 1 seminar they also tell us to program for Rich Froning and scale for everyone else. People think that they need specialized programming, most of the time they just need to work harder at the regular programming. I myself am even going to be joining the regular classes and only performing what CrossFit Bytown has programmed for the day. This will give everyone numbers to look at, somedays I might be on top, some days I might not. Some days you might be able to do it Rx, somedays you might need to scale, but that is how life is.

It should also be constantly varied, so try not to train every day at 3:30, exactly 2.5 hours after eating your late lunch, and make try doing the lifts without your oly shoes every once and a while. Remember folks, this is functional fitness, and most importantly, it supposed to be fun. 

With the Open upon us, I will be following CrossFit Main site programming starting February 27 until the end of the Open, this will allow us to hopefully properly de-load for the open workout and might give us some preparation for whats to come. I am assuming the guys at head office will be de-loading properly for the open workouts, it might also give us an idea of whats coming. 

I am not sure how many people know about how effective programming is done, or even care, but there is lots of work done to ensure that everything is hit in a good ratio and that not too long is gone in between work modalities. It might looked random, but it is varied. This means that all modalities have to spaced out well, so time, rep range, load, modality, and duration. Programming is important, but great programming with bad coaching will not give proper results. 

We will see who this goes, it might be a little but of an adjustment period but I feel great things will come with this change. 


 The workouts will be released on Thursday at 8pm local time. We will be performing a warmup and a skill practice on Friday before performing the Open workout. We will be running in heats as we will need judges and people to film the workouts as well. Saturdays until the end of the open will be no longer paired workouts. Instead we will be running open workouts saturday all day. 

Please sign up for classes so that we know how many people will be in each class. 

If people can’t make the workouts on Friday or Saturday, or are not happy with their results they can redo the workout on Sunday or Monday. I would recommend checking with the coach that is working to make sure someone will be able to judge you and you won’t be interfering with the regular classes that day.

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