Vitargo review

This is a fairly short article. I can spout all of the statistics and facts to you, its up to you if you want to believe it. If you are on the fence, go into fitsop and pick up the single serving packs to give it a try. 

Vitargo has been well known in the endurance circle for quite some time. They often take it during and after a race to help keep energy up and help them recover. The serving sizes listed on the sides are mostly geared towards the people who are training 2+ hours. The serving sizes will need to be changed slightly for crossfit. 

I use 1/2 serving (1 scoop) post workout, or if its going to be a long workout I start drinking it during the workout to keep me fueled. 

Post workout nutrition is in my opinion one of the most important parts of recovery, yet many people neglect this aspect of their training program. 

The workout is the stimulus,give your body what it needs to recover. As with anything there are a multitude of choices you have to fuel your recovery. The old standard was fruit juice, then came dextrose, then waxy maize. This line of carbs to refuel your glycogen has evolved to be absorbed faster, cause less stomach discomfort. Vitargo is currently the leader. 

You can add a scoop to your post workout protein shake, or vitargo has a new product out which has hydrolyzed whey mixed with vitargo. It should be available in canada soon, called vitargo post. 

There is a little infographic showing some recovery comparisons of vitargo vs other carbs. its expensive stuff, but in my opinion worth every cent. 

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