Keeping your mouth shut


You might just learn something if you keep your mouth shut. I can't ever think of a time when I learned anything when I was talking.

When most people talk they are not listening, they are waiting for their turn to speak. Sit back and listen, don't just think of what your response will be, then thank the person for what they said. Simple as that. Some people immediately get on the defensive, or come up with excuses. Perhaps you should think about what was said to you. Every time someone says something, they are not always looking for a response. 

Everyone has a different coaching style. I tend to be more on the quiet side, watching and learning from the people in the class.  I found that not immediately correcting every flaw the instant I see it as the best option. Watching the person move several times has been more effective. After that, its not about over correcting, and giving cues to every mistake. Its about correcting the biggest flaw. Its like ER triage. If someone comes in with a broken leg, a couple scrapes, and a severed carotid artery, I am not going to give them a pair of crutches, I am going to fix the severed carotid. 

I consider myself a movement specialist, I learn by watching, not by speaking. Perhaps you might want to try the same. 

Yours in heath
  Coach Everett

Crossfit Bytown