Why are you doing this


Have you ever sat back and wondered what your motivation is to work out? We all have different reasons when we get started. Maybe its to loose some weight, gain some muscle, get ready for a race or a Spartan run, improve in our selected sport. If it was a short term goal, you are probably not even reading this article because you worked out for awhile then the goal came and went, as did your motivation. THIS IS NOT 2 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS, OR BIGGER BICEPS IN 6 WEEKS, THIS IS A LIFESTYLE THAT YOU ADPOT. 

If someone said that 45 minutes on the elliptical machine and 3 sets of 10 on bench press was the best exercise for overall fitness, how many people do you think could do this day in and day out for the rest of their lives? This gets boring, it doesn't address injuries or lifestyle factors that effect your health. You want something that covers all aspects of fitness and is fun everyday. It might not necessarily be fun while you are doing the actual workout, but at least it keeps you coming back. 

I started weight training in my dads basement, graduated to college gym, then the regular globo gym for many years after that. It was boring, but I liked the results. In the mirror I looked great. But I neglected cardio, stretching, balance. It wasn't maintainable over the long term, and was very one dimensional. I discovered Crossfit and loved it ever since. I continuously find new ways to push myself, i am older than when I first started working out, but I am stronger and faster thant i have ever been. my goal is to be stronger next year than i am now. what i do today is a stepping stone for what i can do tomorrow.   

Every once and awhile you have to take a step back and ask yourself, "why am I doing this?" Personally I am doing this because I still want to be able to play with my son when he is older, i want to be able to do everything in everyday life without any doubt as to my capacity, I plan on enjoying an active retirement. Importantly crossfit is enjoyable and will prepare me for any other sport or activity that comes my way. you have to really look for your reason. 

many people wait until they are middle age and the doctor tells them that they need to start watching what they eat and EXERCISING. if you have never done either of these in your life it can be a very hard adjustment. if you do stick to it, all of the work will just be to try to reverse some of the damage you have done to yourself from years of neglect. the better plan is to get started before the damage starts. best way is by doing something fun, functional, with a great support system. 

the community aspect of crossfit is probably one of the best parts. get a bunch of motivated, smart people in a room and good things happen. the willingness to support and help fellow people in the box community is astounding. it brings people together who otherwise wouldn't probably meet in their regular day and builds bonds of trust and support amongst them. This social aspect is also a very important often overlooked aspect of fitness. the sense of belonging is an important aspect of human nature for people to be happy and healthy. 

i have had members tell me great examples of who crossfit has changed their lives. from being able to take the stairs in their apartment building, an elderly woman gaining confidence to be able to easily pick herself off the floor, to people completing a marathon with record times without all the r ruepetitive running to prepare for it.it is also very popular amongst people who used to compete in a sport and can now find a new activity to be competitive in.every community event we do I always catch myself looking around amazed at the community that i help create. seeing all the people brought together enjoying a common goal.

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