Being Coachable


I have seen some incredibly gifted athletes walk through my doors, some flourish, some I soon find walking out. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t listen, you won’t learn. 

You join a gym to learn from the experience and watchful eye of a good coach, not to prove yourself to them. Try to be coachable. This means listening to what the coach says, not getting frustrated when you have a bad day. Remember you are training at the gym, you are only competing with yourself. 

1- First off, be honest with your coach. If something hurts, let them know, if you had a bad nights sleep, let the coach know. This is not complaining, this is informing your coach of your current physical and mental state so that they can make better decisions for your training. I find myself constantly asking my athletes “How do you feel?” This allows me to get a better idea of how each individual is doing. 

2- This also means being honest with your coach. This means not cheating range of motion or reps in a workout. No one notices or cares what your score is on a workout, but everyone cares if you cheat. 

3- More training volume is not the key. You don’t need a harder workout, you need to workout harder. Doing 3 workouts a day at 60% will not be as effective as doing 1 at 100%

4- SCALE when appropriate. This is how you get better. If doing Fran Rx makes you feel like a bad ass but it took you 26 minutes you are not getting the stimulus that Fran was designed to illicit, not to mention there will be almost no intensity. 

5- Understand the context of a workout. Don’t go blindly into a workout, work smarter, not harder. Listen to the coachs advice on how to pace the workout, just because you can do a movement, doesn’t mean that you will be able to do it long enough, fast enough, or at all in a state of exhaustion. 

6- You are not here to show off, you are here to learn. Respect the class and coach, be quiet when the coach is instructing and check the ego at the door. 

7- The purpose of the workout is to improve how you look, feel, and perform. Not to prove self-worth, win, or look cool. 

8- Be a good team mate. Just because you are done doesn’t mean the class is over. Support your fellow gym goers as they finish up their workout. 

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