Functional Movement


How many people who come into a gym with the required mobility to do a perfect squat snatch, very few. In your everyday life how often will a squat snatch prove useful, not any instance I can think of. Of course unless you run into a uber competitive crossfitter. I know some very specialized athletes that given enough time to prepare they can look like gods in their sport, but come time to help me move a sofa they are useless. I define functional movement and strength as stuff you will do everyday, but you will be able to do it better than the average person. Think about carrying two arm falls of groceries up a couple flights of stairs. This is going to tax your grip (no straps or hook grip will help you here), your legs, and your cardiovascular system. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are people who should or will want to practice non-functional movements such as the squat snatch, but if you do not have the required mobility, or you never plan on doing a olympic weightlifting meet or crossfit competition, you can probably get away with a power or split snatch. They both elicit the same response, and explosive core to extremity movement, requiring full hip extension to generate optimal power, and precision timing and execution, but do not require the mobility of the full snatch. 

I am not just picking on the squat snatch, I am simply using this as an example. In a gym we are often used to perfectly balanced barbells, with knurling to improve grip, and a small diameter bar which we can easily hook grip to improve our grip, and a small bar with end loaded plates which allows up to keep the bar close to us, not to mention the high end bearing on the end of the bar which allows to weights to spin around the bar. Outside of the gym we will rarely run into such a creature. 

This is why I love strongman training. It doesn’t take long to teach it. Some basic safety and technique and as you get stronger, you can safely move heavier objects. Remember your purpose of training. Are you trying to be an olympic lifter, or are you just trying to get/stay in shape.

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