Motivation - A renewable resource


Many of us think of motivation as finite resource, either you are a motivated person or you are not. This is not the case. Think of motivation as a fuel tank. It is replenished with positive thoughts, achieving goals, and enough sleep. 

We have all experienced a bad night of sleep. We go through the day requiring ample amount of coffee or energy drinks, we feel on edge, make pour food decisions, feel uncoordinated and/or weak in the gym. This is the start of the downward spiral. Our day runs longer and more stressful as we are not as productive, which stresses us more. We get home and have a ton of things to try and cram in our busy day, and end up getting to bed late again. 

Stop the cycle. Go to bed early. Think of motivation as a fuel tank. Stress, lack of sleep, poor food choices all sap away the motivation. To replenish your fuel tank get a good nights sleep. There are also a few tricks to allow you to more easily replenish your motivation. Setting some small goals, like going to bed early and/or showing up early to the gym will help you stay motivated. Keeping a positive self attitude will help you and the others around you. 

Most importantly, enjoying what you are doing will greatly increase your motivation.

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