New weight class (How I lost 20% of myself)


I have been big without trying my entire life. I can eat pretty much anything I want and I would sit around 200 at 5'7". With some extra food and sleep I have been upwards of 240. That weight did not feel comfortable, I was strong as an ox but even trying my shoes was uncomfortable.  


Strongman in Ontario now has a lightweight class, 80kg or 94kg. I would rather be at the top of a weight class than a bottom so I decided to try and hit 80kg, a weight I haven't weighed since grade school. It was going to be an experiment to see if I could attain that weight. I had less than 2 months, and I currently weighed between 210-215lbs and needed to get below 175lbs.


Why did I do this? I wanted to see what I could do, a sort of test on myself. I started at 213 and less than 40 days later I weighed in at 169, a full 6 pounds under what I needed to. Up until the last 2 days it was all easy, the water dropping protocol was unnecessary and not fun. 


First off this is my personal journey. I don't advise people to try this. I know my body very well and I understand how I react to diet and training. I don't follow the whole calories in vs calories out paradigm. I won't bother going into a deep explanation, if you want one read Why we get fat by Gary Taubes. I understand that for effective weight loss it has to do about hormones. I did a protein sparing modified fast.  


What this involved was a diet aimed to reduce cortisol, control insulin and grehlin, preserving muscle mass while stripping body fat. 

6am- Muscle Mlk protein shake

10:30am- Vitargo post workout shake

12pm- Muscle Mlk protein shake

3pm- Muscle Mlk protein shake

6pm- healthy low carb supper (salmon, salad, and asparagus)

8pm- Muscle Mlk protein shake

I didn't bother counting calories, I aimed at keeping a constant stream of protein and keeping insulin as stable as possible. This kept hunger under control and made sure my body was stripping body fat for fuel. I also kept water to at least 8 litres a day with BCAA drank throughout the day.  


Ensuring that my post workout meal was the largest bolus of carbs throughout the day allowed me to be refuelled for the next day and still maintain proper training intensity. Post workout nutrition is paramount.  


The final results, I dropped over 40 pounds in a little over 30 days. All the while with maintaining my current training volume and only loosing slight amount of strength. In the end my joints feel better and pound for pound I am stronger than when I started. I never felt hungry or deprived and up until the final week of water dropping I felt pretty good the entire time. 

Yours in health,

 Everett Sloan

Crossfit Bytown