Fermented foods


With antibiotics being given to everyone at the drop of a hat, being injected into our meats to prevent infection, and societies fear of dirt and germs I thought this would be a good time for this article. the human body has more bacteria than human cells. So technically you are a human bag holding bacteria. Perhaps a better reason to start caring about the quality of the bacteria in your body. 

 On the health technology front, fecal transplants, yes you read that correctly. This procedure is starting to gain traction with the results nothing short of amazing, and doctors are starting to understand a link between gut and brain

Think of of it this way. You are a human container supporting a live bacterial ecosystem on and in your body. There is good bacteria and bad bacteria, some crave sugars, some proteins. Your food cravings are often a result of what bacteria is flourishing in your body.  

You have to not only worry about the quality of bacteria in your body, but also the quantity and the location as well. Too much in the wrong place can also cause problems. See SIBO

A couple basics for being a good host for your little bacterial colony.  

1- Avoid antibiotics. This is not always possible, but only take them when necessary.  

2- Eat fermented foods. KimChi, Kombucha, Kefir, pickles,  Fermented soy (miso, tofu, tempeh), sauerkraut, or yogurt. 

3- Take your pro/pre biotics. These can be expensive. My recommendation is the first cycle, especially after a course of antibiotics, is to buy the best one you can find. For maintenance after that get a cheaper one. Only general rule of thumb is that if they are not kept in the refrigerator they are probably garbage.  

Also, please put away the purel and get a little dirty. 

Yours in health

 Everett Sloan

Crossfit Bytown