Challenge Yourself


Why is it that people always struggle to loose the last 10 pounds every year, but you hear all the time about people who have lost 100 pounds in a year. The reason is mostly mental, it has to do with motivation and challenging yourself. 

When you have a difficult goal like loosing 100 pounds in 365 days you have to work very hard and you have a lot of motivation, a lot of visual motivation as well. When you get close to that goal your motivation dwindles. 

The same ideas can be used for training. If you have no purpose you can sometimes feel you are just going through the motions. For some people this is fine, for others they need a carrot to chase. This keeps them on track and motivated. I find having a deadline keeps me on track, this is why I sign up for various competitions, wether is be locally or online. This helps with having motivation for push a little harder. 

People also use self defeating talk as well. They set themselves up for failure saying things like "I'm lean enough" or "I don't want to sacrifice my food", etc. we have all heard creative excuses people use. Remember your goal. 

Speaking of goals do yourself a favour and set yourself up for success. Don't set a goals such as "I want to look good in a bikini". It is too vague. Your goal has to be measurable and have a finite timeline. Such as "I want to loose 10 ponds by November". If you goal is very long, like loosing 100 pounds, set up smaller micro goals such as 4 different goals and timelines to loose 25 pounds. This makes it seem a little more attainable and gives you some smaller rewards. 

A similar practice can be used for exercises. It's the opposite, setting up small goals to increase motivation. If you ran a marathon having a goal to finish 42 kilometres it will seem very far away by the time you are at the 10 kilometre marker, but if you set yourself up with smaller goals, such as dividing it up by 7 smaller runs. So thinking it as 7 x 6 kilometre instead of a 42 kilometre run. I use this for larger rep workout as well, so if it calls for 100 air squats I think and count it out as 10 sets of 10. This gives you a smaller goal and reward which helps you stay mentally positive. 

Yours in health
   Everett Sloan


Crossfit Bytown