Food Prep

We all have busy lives. It seems every week there is something new that you need to add to your daily routine. It can all be very daunting. The less you have to think about your food choices the better. The problem is that if most people didn't think about their food choices they would end up just eating whatever is within arms reach. This is why food prep is valuable. 

Preparing your food ahead of time allows more room for the unexpected. This means that if you hit snooze one too many times in the morning it won't affect your nutrition. It also prevents you from missing meals because you don't have any good food accessible so you opt to eat nothing. 

Food prep is pretty straightforward, take one day a week where you cook all your meals for the week. You are definitely going to need to pickup some Tupperware, and depending on how many people are in your household you might also need a spare fridge. Personally I prepare my breakfasts for the week every Sunday. We make this a family affair and my wife and son all help out. During the week I wake up early and I am usually out of the house within 20 minutes. Having to just grab a Tupperware out of the freezer and throw it in the microwave makes my mornings more efficient. For lunches I use a meal delivery service, which I will discuss next. 

If you don't mind spending a little bit of money meal delivery services are an excellent option. Bytown has food dropped off every Monday by Evolvd foods. At first the price might seem high, but if you factor in the cost of the high quality ingredients, time to prepare, and in my case cooking lessons, it's a bargain. These services are gaining popularity and I can see why. I have been using Evolvd for about a month and love the fact that my lunches involve nothing other than throwing a Tupperware in the microwave for 2 minutes and I have a healthy paleo meal ready. 

Another great tip is invest in a lunch kit. If you are like most people you haven't used a lunch kit since your star wars lunch kit in grade school. They have some a long way. Companies like Fitmark and 6Pack have manufactured high tech lunch kits that have dividers and more pockets that you know what to do with. I travel everywhere with my lunch kit, this means there are no excuses for eating crap food when I'm travelling. 

Yours in health
   Everett Sloan 

Crossfit Bytown