Positive Self Talk


I am telling people all the time about the mental aspect of training. Personally, I think mental is the 11th aspect of fitness. I think being mentally strong is perhaps more important in competition than being physically strong. 

I hear people all the time cursing or criticizing themselves when they fail a lift or during a WOD. This negative self talk is detrimental to progress. First off if you are not having fun then why are you doing this. You might need some time off, perhaps you need to find a different exercise routine. If you are not enjoying yourself you will it keep it up. 

If the coach spoke to you they way you do the negative self talk to yourself you would think the coach is an asshole. On top of that, negative self talk brings down everyone who is around you, nobody wants to listen to it and it brings everyone else down. Be the person who lifts everyone up in the room, not bring them down. 

Someone once told me to think of relationships as a bank account. Praise, compliments and such are deposits. Criticism, insults, etc would be withdrawals. You can't walk around with a negative balance, you need to work on those deposits. 

Yours in health
   Everett Sloan


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