Crossfit vs Crossfit the sport


People both familiar and unfamiliar with Crossfit often don't understand the difference. 

I am not good with sports analogies but here goes. Regular Crossfit is like a recreational hockey team. You play it occasionally to have fun and keep fit. Nobody really identified themselves as a recreational hockey player. It's a hobby that you do, not your job or identity. Crossfit the sport is drastically different. It's like the NHL where you are training almost every day as its your job. For most games level athletes this is their only job. They make sacrifices in their life to be able to train often several long sessions a day. The open would be like the Stanley cup playoffs, the games like the Stanley cup, the winner of the games like the MVP of the winning team. 

I apologize in advance if I offended any hockey fans with my lack of knowledge on their sport. 

No sane person starts playing recreational hockey as an adult and thinks they are going to win the Stanley cup. Unfortunately I hear all the time people starting Crossfit and wanting to go to the games in a couple years. 

Many people don't understand the sacrifice the athletes have to make to get to that level. Plus it's getting harder every year. 

If you are not a games athlete, you do not need to be training like one. If you did want to go to the games you need to be doing what those athletes were doing 5-10 years ago, not what they are doing now. It's about building a great foundation and slowly increasing volume. 

Remember Greg Glassman describes Crossfit as "Constantly varied functional fitness performed at high intensity" NOT high volume. The higher the volume the lower the intensity. It will take years more most people to develop the skill and work capacity to be able to train high volume at a high intensity. 

If you want to be healthy don't train like a games athlete. People see games athletes doing cool movements like butterfly pull-ups and want to do the same. You have to ask yourself, is it worth it. Games level athletes perform butterfly pull-ups because they are the fastest pull-ups you can do. Most games level athletes can bang out 50+ unbroken reps. You probably can't. If you cannot perform a high level of regular gymnastic kipping pull-ups why would you want to try and do smaller sets of a more exhausting movement. Because it looks cool? A gymnastic kip applies approx 3 times body weight on your shoulders, butterfly, about 8 times. This is a lot of stress on your shoulders. This increases your risk of shoulder injury drastically. For what? Faster cool looking pull-ups. In my opinion if you can do Fran unbroken and want to try and go faster, then start to butterfly. But before you make that decision, ask yourself how important shoulder health in your daily life is. Crossfit supposed to increase your quality of life, not detract from it. 

Yes you are submitting your scores into Wodify. Maybe you think this is to rank yourself against the other members of the gym. It is not. The purpose is to record your numbers so we can measure your progress. The person you has a better score might have compromised reps or range of motion. You are training, not competing. You should be moving with integrity to get the best training stimulus. This is also so you can know what percentage to work at during workouts and we can see how people are progressing through the programming. 

"Bleed in training so that you can laugh on the battlefield"

Yours in health,
  Coach Everett

Crossfit Bytown