Joe Grimes - From unique to common


I was reading an article recently and it got me thinking, here is a short little rant. 

In the early 1900s Joe Grimes was able to make a living in the circus as a sideshow freak of the worlds fattest man. 

His weight directly lead to his death, but not in the way you might think. He fell through the bottom of a taxi cab and cut his leg. The wound refused to heal and he died as a result of that. 

Sadly Joe would not stand out in a crown in most major cities in the USA. What have we done to our diets where in 100 years we go from circus sideshow freak to almost normal on the bell curve. 

I am sure in his heyday he could walk around on a public street and people would stop and stare, whispering about him. It is so uncommon back then it would be akin to a man walking down the street with a beard down to his knees today. seeing people so obese that they requires motorized transportation is common enough nowadays that for many people it is a daily occurance. 

the problem is two fold. firstly our food has gone from wholesome to a creation which is no longer even food, more of a food like product. we are constantly bombarded by advertising for the latest food. im my opinion, real food doesnt need advertising. a generally safe rule to live by is that if your grandmother (or great grandmother if you are very young) wouldn't recognize it as food, you SHOULDN'T eat it. 

secondly it is the social acceptance. this fat acceptance trend is the same as social acceptance of anorexia, just different ends of a bell curve. neither is healthy, just because a large percentage of the population (33% is obese) doesnt mean it is right or healthy. 

take responsibility in your health.

Yours in health, 
   Coach everett

Crossfit Bytown