Keeping it classic

Time for another of my great analogies. You are driving your car down the road, its a car that you have had for many years. Its an older model, doesnt have all the fancy new technology, not even power locks. Its has a lot of old simple technology and some well worn parts. But, it works very reliably. As you proceed down the road, almost mindlessly comfortable in your ride. You see you turn up ahead. You slow down, with a familiar little squeal your brakes engage and your cars reliably slows down. You make the turn. Somethings wrong! The steering wheel is shaken and making some odd sounds. 

In this situation most of us would think something is wrong and slow down, pull over, and probably call someone, hopefully a tow truck. You would take it in for some repairs, its an older car, if you let all the little problems add up bigger things start to break. Then the car might be a write off, or the repair bill is more than you can afford.

But you are in a hurry, you have to get to your meeting. Your car doesn’t have one of those fancy in dash GPS, and you never got around to buying a portable GPS. You just kind of find your own way. If you miss a turn, you just drive faster to make up for the lost time. Red lights and stop signs are optional, only if you think you will get caught do you stop. 

Do regular maintenance. slow down and have a direction, This is the difference between seeing a car from a classic car that looks mint and attracts people to come and admire the old craftsmanship, and the broken down piece of junk sitting in someones driveway that they have been waiting to make the courage to finally get rid of it. After all, its just sitting in the driveway, up on blocks, it has even been reserved to a place to be used for storage of some things that didn’t fit in the garage. 

Now think of that car as your body. Slow down, do some basic physical maintenance, if something breaks or doesnt work properly, fix it. Have a direction or there is no point. Think of the GPS as a program aiding you to work towards your goal. 

Yours in fitness, 
     Coach Everett

Crossfit Bytown