Keto/OS Review - Exogenous Ketones

I haven’t written anything in awhile. I fell out of the routine and just found it hard to get back to it. Now that I am going through a forced period of no training (another article about that is in the works) I have a little bit more time to work on other things. 

Full disclosure, I did not receive any product for free and paid my own money to try this new product. 

I have been a long term advocate of the ketogenic diet. For those unfamiliar with that, please see my old blog post on it. The mental clarity and how I feel in ketosis is worth the sacrifice of not being able to eat every carb I see. 

Ketosis has always been a niche market. Originally it was only prescribed to children with uncontrolled epilepsy. In the recent years it has regained popularity as our food sources have been over run by sugar and some people are starting to realize the negative effects of all that sugar on our bodies. 

Back in the day the only option was to take some MCT oil to help provide more energy for training and to help you get fat adapted in the first stages of the diet a little easier. The problem was the MCT oil on the market at the time was pretty low quality. The purity varied a lot by brand, even by bottle. A little too much and you would achieve something called “disaster pants”. It is as bad as it sounds. 

Now that the benefits are becoming more popular some companies are starting to take notice and are targeting the ketogenic community. From big companies with lots of money behind them, to small home businesses which find something that makes the lifestyle a little easier and wants to help others. 

Keto/OS is an interesting product. It is what is known as an exogenous ketone supplement. In non geek speak, it means an external source of ketones. These have been available for years, but have been unbelievably expensive, not to mention the earlier ones tasted much like battery acid. Ketone esters were originally designed by the military for instances in the field where soldiers needed to remain mentally and physically at the top of their game, despite having limited food and / or sleep. 

The initial stages of a ketogenic diet can be the hardest. Your body has been used to burning carbs and is hesitant to use fat as fuel. Even when your body starts to convert fat into ketones for fuel, it is not very efficient in the beginning. Often the first couple of weeks on a ketogenic diet you experience what is known as the “kept flu”, which is basically your body fighting you for cutting back its main fuel source. After you get through the initial stage, you then have several weeks of poor performance as your body is very inefficient at converting fat to ketones. This is where taking the exogenous ketones makes the induction phase almost effortless. 

After some bad food choices is where Keto/OS really shines. After being on low carbs for even a short period of time, when you eat a bunch of carbs, you discover the drug like withdrawal of carbs you experience. Personally, depending on how bad of an indulgence it was, will get cold sweats and then crave carbs for several days. These bad choices would normally take a couple days of higher will power to get back to normal. Now all I do is take a double dose of Keto/OS over the next couple days and I’m back into ketosis in no time with no cravings. 

Without getting too far into the science of it, the higher your blood ketones, to a point, the better your performance. Unfortunately ketones are really best for longer duration lower intensity events, where your body would normally use fats for fuel. The higher intensity shorter duration exercises depend mostly on glycogen (sugar). I have found that it really helps on the longer workouts, almost like I have another couple gears. 

I am not going to go into great detail into the different product options. Basically there is their MAX product, which is lasts a little longer than their standard product. The orange dreamsicle product, currently in version 2.1, has some added MCT oil and comes with or without added caffeine. Finally there is the chocolate version, currently in version 3.0, which also comes with or without caffeine is the second longest lasting version, coming up behind the MAX version. 

A side note, I have no issues with the product. It seems excellent, constantly evolving and high quality. The one word of warning I would pass along is that it is a multi level marketing company. That in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, too many people think MLM is the same as a pyramid scheme, similar, not the same. My issue with MLM is that because the individual is responsible for generating all the sales leads, they tend to be a little aggressive. 

If you are interested in ordering, I have set up my own account at I swear if I win any prizes I will split it with whoever buys it. I did this for people not interested in dealing with the sales people, but if you are interested in talking to myself or a sales person more about the product I would be more than happy to put you in contact with them. 

Yours in health, 
    Coach Everett

Crossfit Bytown