January - The start to a New Year professional and personal


New years resolutions, many people make them, most people quit them. I am actually going to break a new year resolution I made back in Y2K (2000) I made the resolution to not make a resolution. This year I have decided to take back my health. 

I have always been a very hard worker, I started and ran several of my own businesses, rarely look outside for help figuring grinding away at it was what I supposed to do. The stress was just part of the process if you wanted to be an entrepeneur. 

I had a cortisol stress panel done several months ago, the results were not good. I had been so stressed for so long that I felt normal. The doctor was baffled on how good I thought I felt despite my body screaming at me to take it easy. Stress is not as innocent as many people assume. It has system wide ramifications on the body, and sometime you can get your adrenals so burned out that it takes years to recover if ever. 

I decided to take my own health as my primary concern instead of always worrying about the health of others first. It is like the safety card on planes says, put your air mask on first so that you can help others. This was not easy for me, I honestly don't really know how to relax and put myself first. 

I started seeing a therapist to help me figure thesre things out. I wasn't sure if it would benefit me, but within a couple sessions she pointed out many things that had been staring  me in the face and I never notice, or overlooked. 

First off I am VERY introverted. This does not mean I am shy, quite the opposite, I am more than comfortable performing most peoples biggest fear, public speaking. I actually really enjoy it. But it drains me. I need quiet time alone to recharge my batteries. The combination of the gym and having a kid at home I started to neglect my downtime. I used to go on outings by myself in nature to just think. Extroverts think its weird, but that is energizing to introverts. I also enjoy writing. I have never thought I was very good at it, and never intended for people to read anything I write, but people enjoy my honesty and openness. I basically call it a brain dump. 

Resolution #1- Spend more time on doing activities that recharge me. This means taking the time to write more often. Its not even New Years yet, and I have already written up a dozen articles that I plan on posting. 

The business is obviously the major stress in my life. It is my baby. I grew it from working out with some friends at GoodLife to having a friends train in my basement, to a Bytown 1.0, which for those lucky enough to be part of that, was a TINY little gym, to what we have now. All the while I have done everything myself. I am a perfectionist so I want things done my way and promptly. I have a hard time delegating tasks to others. I also feel the constant need to try and help everyone I can. To this day when a member leaves for any reason I take it personally. I am great at coaching and it energizes me, the behind the scenes stuff is draining. 

Resolution #2 - Restructure the business so it is less stressful and start delegating out the tasks that are most taxing to me. 

This means more coaching and programming, and less worrying about numbers and money. Everything is going to change. I have updated the website to a new cleaner more modern design, which will hopefully reduce the confusion and constant repeatable emails I get. We are making a change to schedule and staffing to increase efficiency and allow the staff a more profitable avenue to make money. Most importantly I want to get back to my primary passion of coaching and helping people. I have hired a bookkeeper to deal with the money and looking at implementing an office manager for all the behind the scenes stuff that drain me. My wife is also helping out with the email, which is a constant drain. 

One of the books that I have read, I honestly cannot remember which one, had a great explanation. For example, accounting, I can do it, and have done it for a long time, but I do not find it rewarding and it takes me a long time and a lot of stress to do it. My time and energy is better spent doing something else and pay someone to do the accounting instead. I already do this with the Bytown Intragram account. I suck at social media, I actually abhor it but recognize that it is a necessary part of business nowadays. So I gave control over to some younger folks who love, and area really good, at social media.  

Resolution #3 - Realize that I cannot help everyone and that I also need to look after my own health. 

I have an exciting internship coming up in January with my mentor Julien Pineau of Strongfit.This is more restorative than a vacation for me. I'm weird, I prefer books or courses over physical gifts. I have followed Julien since 2012 and his ideas have changed the way I look at everything regarding training and life. As many of you know I am a passionate autodidact and am always educating myself. Out of everything I have ever done, Juliens lectures were the most rewarding. 

Excited for the changes to come in the new year. Looking optimistically towards 2018. 

Yours in health, 
  Coach E

Crossfit Bytown