Spektrum Glasses


I am a bit of a luddite, I was born during the wrong time period, but I do understand and try to utilize the benefit of technology. I just try to minimize my exposure and not let it negatively influence my life. I have an upcoming blog post about my almost 2 year hiatus from Facebook and how liberating it was/is. 

We are constantly surrounded by screens, super bright high resolution crisp displays, and super efficient LED lighting in most homes and buildings. This constantly bombards us with intense blue light. Remember in my previous post on how blue light is stimulatory and red light is relaxing. 

Years ago I started using a free program called f.lux (twilight on android) to adjust the color scheme of my computer more red as the sun started to set. A couple revisions ago Apple also incorporated nighttime mode into their iPhone devices. This is a step in the right direction, as most people are glued to their phones WAY too much. As a side note if you want to limit or track your iPhone usage there is a great app called moment that will set daily usage limits and block off certain times. 

We are also exposed to the lights from our computers, televisions, and the high powered bulbs in your home and office environment. 

I had some BlueBlockers I got off Amazon. For those old enough you might remember the old 90s television adds selling these things. They were orange glasses that blocked out 100% of the blue light. These worked pretty well, but made things pretty dark at home (remember I have light refractory issues) and driving with them was sometimes a hassle because it changed the colours of even the traffic lights. I didn't religously use them. 

The other week I was seeing Hari from Personalized Health Center and I saw these great glasses he had.  Spektrum Pro glasses. They look like regular glasses but block out 50% of the blue light. I tried them on and loved them. They only slightly change the colors. Its not apparent until you take them off after wearing them for several hours. It also helps protect your eyes from the constant barage of fluorescent bulbs (the gym). 

I have been wearing them for several weeks and have found a definite positive impact on my eyes. My eyes aren't as dry or strained, and I find it a little easier to wind down at the end of the day.  

Mikko wanting to be just like daddy, and like most kids, spending alot of time in front of a screen, I got him a kids pair for Christmas. On top of the benefits it also apparently makes me look smarter, and Mikko cuter. 

Yours in health, 
  Coach E

Crossfit Bytown