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Photo by Gunter_Nezhoda/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Gunter_Nezhoda/iStock / Getty Images

I believe men don't live as long because we are stubborn as hell. Most women I know if something feels wrong, they go to the doctor or talk to people about it. Most men I know just "deal with it" and don't talk about it because it shows weakness. 

I relate it to driving your car until the check engine light comes on. Not the service engine that tells your to get a regular oil change (physical), but the ones that tells you something is broken. You can ignore it, or do what many men do, ignore it or put some black electrical tape over it so it doesn't bother you anymore. 

If you wait until something is very wrong and then go get some bloodwork from your doctor, its too late. The numbers you get back from won't tell the whole story. Remember those ranges for bloodwork are based on a bell curve. Some people are on the low end, some people on the high end, it gives you the value for the average. For example my AST/ALT levels are much higher than normal. But they have always been like that. I am one of the outliers, they have never gone up or down in over a decade. 

Getting regular bloodwork and charting it, with a service like dynacareplus or insidetracker will allow you to chart the changes in your numbers and see if they are trending in a good or bad way. This is also a great way to catch problems before they become major. Many people look healthy and can have horrible health statistics. Just look up what Syndome X (sometimes reffered to as metabolic syndrome) is. Basically its bad cholesterol, inflammation markers, cortisol and pre-diabetes, in someone who outwardly looks thin and healthy.  

I get a physical every year and I have all my bloodwork records from back when I was in my mid 20s. I can see when things change in a positive or negative direction, and I know what is normal for me. 

Do yourself a favour guys, get a physical done. There is nothing to loose and everything to gain. Out of side our of mind is a terrible way to handle your health. 

Yours in health, 
  Coach E

Crossfit Bytown