BPC 157 - A Miracle Drug for Pain and Inflammation


I do not hide my past. I have used many recreational drugs and performance enhancing drugs in my youth. Yes it was stupid, yes I regret many of the choices. But its not anything I can change. Nowadays I am very selective about what goes into my body. As I got older, and when I became a father, I became much more interested in general well being and longevity. I plan on being able to see my grand kids be born and still be in good enough shape to play with them. 

I am hard on my body, always have been. As I get older I realize that I am mentally tougher than what my body is capable of. I often have to take a step back to avoid injury as my body can't put up with the volume and weights I did when I was younger without pain. Pain is not good, pain is a warning sign. Don't ignore it. 

I have had many minor strains and injuries from training, sports, competition, and life in general. In fact, all of my biggest injuries have come from everyday accidents. The pinnacle was messing up my knee, spraining my wrist, and tearing a ligament in my wrist slipping in the bathtub (insert old man joke here). From my knee reconstruction I have to be aware of imbalances it causes as it can cause compensation patterns which will lead to pain. 

Over the last decade my right knee (the good one) and my left shoulder have gotten some tendonitis and pain from compensating for my left knee and spinal inury. I can't actually remember a time when it didn't hurt. My left knee had gotten bad enough that I couldn't sit for any amount of time without me knee hurting like all hell, and I had to sleep with several pillows to get my shoulders in a postion that wouldn't hurt. This is not acceptable.

Someone had told be about a compound called BPC-157. I will not go into detail about it, there are plenty of great websites and medical research on it. Basically its an enzyme found in the gut, because of this it cannot be patented so there is no money in it for big pharma.

I alternated between one day injecting 15iu in the AM in the left shoulder and right pec (I had a minor tear from a day when I decided to do 150 strict dips), and the other day 15iu in each knee. I didn't notice anything right away. It was not like a pain killer (which I hate). But a week or two later, WOW. I didn't realize it as it reduction was gradual, but all the pain had gone away. I cannot remember a time when nothing hurt on my body. This was a nice feeling and I am hoping to keep it this way. 

I realize that this is not a solution. If I keep up with the same volume and weights they will come back. Which is why I switched my training to a more balanced approach several month ago. I hope to never have to take it again, but if some pain does come back, I know that this stuff is out there.  Its nice to get out of bed without any pain, and to be able to play with my son and not worry about getting out of a squat. 

For the younger athletes, just wait. It will happen if you are in the game long enough, I have been training and playing hard for over 20 years. Use this as a cautionary tale and deal with the warning signs (pain) before it gets worse, and/or you forget when it originally started hurting. 

Yours in health, 
  Coach E 

Crossfit Bytown