Breaking up with the Scale


I have never cared much about how much I weigh. When I was young and did some modeling I cared only about what I looked like, now that I am older, I care more about how I feel and perform. Not elite performance, but being pain free and able to do anything I want without my body limiting what I can do. 

If I listened to the government with their wonderful BMI, I would be miserable. I have a BMI in the mid 30s, which they consider obese. They obviously don't take into account muscle mass. 

I don't really compete in Crossfit anymore, but do enjoy competing greatly in Strongman. Mostly because it has more of a strength and toughness aspect and most of the events are 75 seconds or under, which is where I thrive. The disadvantage of the current state of strongman in Canada is that there are many weight classes, which unfortunately don't line up with the weight classes of the rest of the world. I Used to compete in the 80kg class, which required alot of work to get there, and last year I started competing in the 90kg class. I have no interest in competing in the heavier weight classes as I am not healthy at the 105kg class and the heavier the weight class the more likely there will be drug use. I have been off all drugs since my son was born and NEVER plan on going back. Getting my hormones back to normal was one of the worst experiences of my life. I will perhaps write a blog post about it in the future if anyone is interested. 

Back to the scale. I am very good at dropping weight, and I LOVE a challenge. Being in a weight class sport it means that the more your can drop and keep your strength levels the more competitive you can become. My best drop was 45 pounds in 30 days for one competition. Not fun or healthy. 

Last year I did several major competitions across Canada including Canadas strongest man under 90kg and provincials and nationals. Everytime I started to cut I remembered how much I hated it, come the week before when I had to drop water, especially if air travel was involved for the competition, I was debating if it was really worth it. I always did it as healthy as I could, usually sauna and water loading and never diuretics or laxatives. But I still felt misereable during and my body would be wrecked for a week or two after as I rebounded to normal life.  

I started to obsessively monitor my weight, checking myself every morning, it became almost a self worth assessment every morning. This was not healthy. So I decided to take a year off competing to get rid of all my nagging little injuries, working on my imbalances,  and drop to a comfortable weight based off my performance. Maybe I will weigh myself every couple months. Another advantage of a year off, I will be turning 40 in September 2018, which means I no longer have to compete in an open class but get to compete as a master. Which is either under or over 90kg. 

I enjoy competing in the sport, but I don't take it as seriously as some. I don't use supportive equipment such as belts, wraps, straps, and knee sleeves, which sets me apart in strongman as most people have a ton of gear on. I also don't train specifically for any event or competition, I do my regular training and I have never even done a taper or a deload. I have also never even practiced an event. For me I am not competing against others, I am seeing what I am capable of without direct practice, more of a test of athleticism. This is part of the reason why I think I have never been injured from strongman. I am also the only strongman I know who does more yoga and cardio than strength training. 

My plan is as a master to just enter the competition and find out how much I weigh at weigh ins, I probably won't even look at the scale. This will be less mental stress and physical stress as well. It will be more fun, which is what is supposed to be, which is partly why I wear a kilt when I compete. I am there to party. 

This is just my personal experience with the scale, but ask yourself, does the number on the scale effect your self worth or cause stress? If it does, that is not healthy. Cocentrate on another biometric to measure, such as skin fold, waist size, ketone level, blood markers (blog post coming on this), performance, or better yet, get naked in front of a mirror and jump up and down. This is a great reality check. 

Yours in health
  Coach E

Crossfit Bytown