Who is the Foundations Program for?

Starting Crossfit can be intimidating. We know that, so we have put together a program specifically designed to ease your transition into becoming a member!  The Foundations program is also for those who have some experience with CrossFit but would like a refresher on movement technique. Every CrossFit gym is a little different and through this program you will learn our movement standards and expectations for when training with us, as well as education on nutrition and training methodology.

What is the Foundations Program?

The foundation program is designed to educate. We want to teach you how to take control of your own health and fitness. Our end goal is that eventually you do not need the coaches to always tell you how to do the movements. 

The program designed to be able to be completed by most people in 3-5 sessions. These sessions are usually one on one with a coach so that we can concentrate on the areas that you need and move forward at your pace. 

During these session you will be taught the basic movements of CrossFit, gain a fundamental working knowledge of the Olympic Lifts and have a great introduction to training with proper intensity. You will also be educated on our class reservations system. You will then be allowed to join our regular classes full-time with a normal membership. These classes will be scaled to your current fitness level, you will also be taught how to read and understand the workouts as well as how to scale to your current fitness level. 

When can I start the Foundations Program?

You are able to start whenever you wish. We have a large selection of coaches available at various times throughout the day and night. As soon as you complete the foundations course you can join our regular classes. 

How do I register for the Foundations Program?