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Karine Shrum - Foundations Coach

Her athletic background has been cultivated from childhood where she was involved in hockey and competitive soccer; with the latter had her playing at the provincial, national and international levels ultimately being scouted for Team Ontario at the age of 18. A back injury changed the course of her athletic career; Karine turned to the bodybuilding world to fulfill her athletic drive. Having been mentored by the best in that field, Karine gained unparalleled insight and experience in the sport from physique to training to diets.  Again, her athletic career was sidetracked, this time by her brother Dan, who introduced her to CrossFit. All it took was her first WOD for her to fall in love with the competitiveness, the skill and the community that is so heavily associated with CrossFit.  Her introduction to CrossFit began at Bytown, where she is now both part of the competitive team and a coach.

Her competitive team background along with her love for the active lifestyle has fueled her in sparking that level of passion from her clients when she was a trainer at Goodlife Fitness and now from the athletes at Bytown. As a Shrum she is often found at the gym, patiently coaching, suffering thorough Dan’s workouts or even worse his monologues and making gnarly workouts look good.