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Livia Pellerin - Fascia Therapist

This ain't no candles and soft music.  I love fixing joint and mobility problems! If you've messed yourself up and things just aren't like they used to be, there's nothing better than some deep and painful, elbow deeper than you think it can go, fascia work.

I've been dancing since I was 3 and worked as an international professional dancer for over 10 years.  I even danced in corporate shows with Cirque du Soleil.  While I have experience with aerial silks, break dancing and capoeira, I wasn't crazy enough to join their team, but I do know that when you push your body that hard, some upkeep is a must.

Injury, mobility and joint problems were a fact of life for me.  I did everything I could to keep my body going, but when I found myself waking up in pain on such a regular basis, I knew I had to find a way to make things right.  Fortunately I found Structural Integration and after my first treatment my hips felt like they were in the right place for the first time.  My cardio increased and my movements became less painful.  After 7 sessions I was amazed to know what it was finally like to be pain free.  I knew I had to do this.  So I packed up my daughter and we moved to Hawaii and then Colorado so I could complete the certification. 

Knees and ankles have been my thing but I'm developing a new fetish for hips!  If you're blowing your WOD cuz your mobility sucks and your coach says your snatch is nasty, I'm your girl!

But seriously, check out this link for information on Structural Integration, better known as Rolfing, developed by Ida Rolf, a biochemist from New York, in the 1930s.  It's a discipline that uses movement re-patterning and deep tissue work to restore proper functional mobility in the body. 

Whether you're looking for a quick fix on a particular joint or you want to get your body back in balance to pre-injury status (and I'm talking ALL your injuries), Structural Integration can help you.