Marc Cooper (Cooper) - Owner/Chief Instructor  Martial Arts

CombatFIT Martial Arts which is a comprehensive combat system sourced from the world's elite forces. Cooper holds over 10 years of experience in various combat-driven martial art disciplines which focuses mainly on Pekiti-Tirsia Kali and Krav Maga. He teaches everyone who wants to learn and develop effective martial art skills to better protect themselves at home or abroad. Cooper's Instructor is an active duty soldier currently serving with CANSOFCOM and has also spent time learning from two former members of the French Foreign Legion. What makes CombatFIT Martial Arts different is that they incorporate basic fitness elements in their combat circuit training sessions in an effort to stimulate the senses and create a basic level of stress inoculation. CombatFIT Martial Arts makes for an excellent addition to CrossFit Bytown members who are looking to add an extra layer of skills on top of their fitness regimen.