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Marc Cooper, Martial Arts Expert - Ninjutsu

Hayabusa Ninjutsu's Owner & Instructor, Marc Cooper, has been studying Ninjutsu consistently for ten uninterrupted years. Marc provides specialized tactical combat training in a high-intensity, effective and ego free setting. Marc caters his expertise to a wide spectrum clientele ranging from military operators, private security, embassy staff, police services, Federal officers, private sector & executives clients.

Marc brings to the table a 900 year old skill-set with proven military grade tactics and historical facts that are researched at the university level. The training is implemented progressively to increase the combat efficiency of each student as well as to increase the ability to remain operational at all times. 

Hayabusa Ninjutsu is your primary source for learning fundamental and unconventional combat tactics. Ninjutsu combat provides the best line of defence to counter hostile scenarios and survive in unstable environments on a global scale. 

In an uncertain world, an unconventional combat system gives you a reliable
and adaptable arsenal at your disposal to assure your survival and that of
your loved ones.


Hayabusa's Owner & Instructor Marc Cooper

  • 10 years of uninterrupted Ninjutsu experience/studies
  • Member of the Canadian Army
  • First-Aid Certified
  • Specialist in close quarter combat, edged weapons, firearms,
    Counter-custody & close protection