Marley Orange - Assistant Coach

Marley started her journey into crossfit the summer of 2012 in Whistler, BC. While finishing her final year of university at Bishops she would travel between Sherbrooke, QC and Chelsea, QC for visits home. In October 2012 is the first time Marley stepped into Crossfit Bytown (the OG location). She would always stop in for workouts while she was home visiting during holidays or weekends.

After University Marley moved to Whistler, BC and began coaching at Opus Athletics October 2013. A variety of classes were offered in Whistler, Crossfit, Endurance, Run Club, Kids, Pre-teens and teens which she all had the pleasure of coaching. Even while in Whistler Marley would make the occasional appearance into Bytown everytime she was home for a visit. July 2017 Marley coached her last class in Whistler to leave to pursue further education in Halifax, NS.

In September of 2017 Marley began at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH) to study to become a Massage therapist. Being a full-time student again there was a priority shift from coach to student, Marley coached part-time at Blended Athletics in Dartmouth, NS.

After successfully graduating from CCMH - Halifax in April 2019 Marley Returned home to Chelsea, QC to open her own home based practice. Because coaching has always been a passion she couldn’t resist the opportunity to join the Bytown team.


  • CF-L1

  • CF-L2

  • Anatomy Certificate

  • Endurance Trainer

  • Gymnastics Certificate

  • Mobility Certificate

  • Powerlifting Certificate

  • Rowing Certificate

  • Weightlifting Certificate

  • Canadian Red Cross: First Aid