We at CrossFit Bytown would like to congratulate Cockatoo Amanda for being the member for the month of October. Amanda always shows great enthusiasm and effort in each class. She brings a lot of positive energy and livens up every class she attends.

Here are a few words from Amanda herself;

Why did you choose Crossfit, 
About 10 years ago I developed pretty debilitating panic attacks. I had read in one of my classes (psychopathology) that exercise can help with anxiety… so I went nuts. I started with simple things like playing 2 hours of DDR a day (as you do) and progressed to hot yoga challenges, rock climbing memberships and P90X, none of which killed me somehow. About 4 years ago, I stumbled across the Crossfit Games on youtube and immediately ran to tell my mom that this was the new thing I was going to do. She said please don’t that looks dangerous. Finally I met somebody who dragged my butt down to a box and that was that. I was hooked.

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why did you choose our gym, 
It was close and Mario had heard good things. I signed up for a full membership before even seeing the place, and after crying during my second foundation class, I wasn’t entirely sure that I had made a bad choice.

what are your goals,
To be the most jacked and physically capable version of me. I want people to see me coming, to push me and ask me how many pullups I can do, how much I can squat, and what I do. I also kinda want that muscle that points at my crotch but I’m not sure I can get that lean.

what do you do for a living, hobbies, 
I work at an adolescence quarantine (middle/high school). Aren’t you happy I’m keeping these 13 year olds off the streets? 
For hobbies I mostly work, work on my sarcasm, and work out… that’s it … then sometimes I meal prep so that the bread and cheese don’t get me. I do art and life.

what change have you noticed,
The other day I was holding a friends baby for a pretty solid amount of time… and my other friend was like, that baby is really heavy, how are you still holding him!? And I was all “Yeah this baby isn’t even Rx... “ and he wasn’t, he was like a green wallball, I could have held that kid all day #wifematerial

what motivates you, 
Physical addiction to the workout endorphins and constantly chasing the anxiolytic effects of a solid workout schedule. I need this lifestyle or I’ll probably fold back in on myself and succumb to agoraphobia.

favorite WOD, 
Isagrace (You hear that T-dogg) anything with no body weight stuff. Give me all the bars all the time.

Advice to new members
Pick up heavy stuff and then put it down.

AuthorDan Shrum