October 2016

We at CrossFit Bytown would like to congratulate Cockatoo Amanda for being the member for the month of October. Amanda always shows great enthusiasm and effort in each class. She brings a lot of positive energy and livens up every class she attends.

Here are a few words from Amanda herself;

Why did you choose Crossfit, 
About 10 years ago I developed pretty debilitating panic attacks. I had read in one of my classes (psychopathology) that exercise can help with anxiety… so I went nuts. I started with simple things like playing 2 hours of DDR a day (as you do) and progressed to hot yoga challenges, rock climbing memberships and P90X, none of which killed me somehow. About 4 years ago, I stumbled across the Crossfit Games on youtube and immediately ran to tell my mom that this was the new thing I was going to do. She said please don’t that looks dangerous. Finally I met somebody who dragged my butt down to a box and that was that. I was hooked.

15042221_10154545835583280_2321149540514234929_o (1).jpg

why did you choose our gym, 
It was close and Mario had heard good things. I signed up for a full membership before even seeing the place, and after crying during my second foundation class, I wasn’t entirely sure that I had made a bad choice.

what are your goals,
To be the most jacked and physically capable version of me. I want people to see me coming, to push me and ask me how many pullups I can do, how much I can squat, and what I do. I also kinda want that muscle that points at my crotch but I’m not sure I can get that lean.

what do you do for a living, hobbies, 
I work at an adolescence quarantine (middle/high school). Aren’t you happy I’m keeping these 13 year olds off the streets? 
For hobbies I mostly work, work on my sarcasm, and work out… that’s it … then sometimes I meal prep so that the bread and cheese don’t get me. I do art and life.

what change have you noticed,
The other day I was holding a friends baby for a pretty solid amount of time… and my other friend was like, that baby is really heavy, how are you still holding him!? And I was all “Yeah this baby isn’t even Rx... “ and he wasn’t, he was like a green wallball, I could have held that kid all day #wifematerial

what motivates you, 
Physical addiction to the workout endorphins and constantly chasing the anxiolytic effects of a solid workout schedule. I need this lifestyle or I’ll probably fold back in on myself and succumb to agoraphobia.

favorite WOD, 
Isagrace (You hear that T-dogg) anything with no body weight stuff. Give me all the bars all the time.

Advice to new members
Pick up heavy stuff and then put it down.

Dan Shrum