September - 2016

OJ Murphy AKA Olive Aka JUICE , is the CrossFit Bytown Member Of the Month. She has shown consistency in attendance and intensity since her first day at Crossfit Bytown. She is also very pleasant and brings great energy even during the early hours of 6am.

Here is a little interview and some advice from the one know as JUICE.

Why did you choose Crossfit?
After attending boot camp for 3 years I wanted something different and more challenging.
Why did you choose our gym?
I chose Bytown because my husband, Kevin became a member and for an entire year the WODs were the center of discussion. He always talked about how much fun the environment is at Bytown, so I decided to try it out and he was right.
What are your goals?
To continue with my daily gym routine as long as it is possible, learning the proper technique of the snatch and getting a muscle up before age 52. 
What do you do for a living and hobbies?
I work in the Taxation department at Canada Post and I love gardening and dragon boating. 
What change have you noticed?
The swelling I had in my knees while I was attended boot camp went away in the first month I started at Bytown. When I first started I had difficulty lifting the 35 lb barbell, now I can proudly say I can clean 135 lbs. Thanks to the coaches and the 6 am class for pushing me all the way and then some.
What motivates you?
Coming to Bytown every morning for a fun workout with the 6 am class, such an awesome group of people! The laughter and friendly atmosphere, that’s where you want to be to start your day, it prepares me mentally for any challenge I face at work. Getting older also motivates me to work harder at staying healthy for longevity.
What is our favorite WOD?
I do not have a favorite WOD. I think all the WODs are fun.
Advice to new members
Do not get intimidated by the workouts. Do what you can and work your way up and you'll be surprise at the end. Listen to the coaches they know best, be determine and dedicated and results will be fast.

Dan Shrum