December 2016

We at CrossFit Bytown would like to congratulate Mark Rajack for being the member for the Month of December . Mark is always in a great mood and brings a lots of laughs and positive vibes to each class he attends. Mark is also known by some as Mr Savage for having some of the best harmless chirping in our box has to offer. If you're going to dish it out around Mark then be ready to get it back

Here are a few words from Mr Savage himself;

why did you choose Crossfit,

Honestly, I didn’t choose Crossfit. Crossfit chose me, with the help of my friend Michael Vieira.
He suggested it as an alternative to going to the gym by myself and as a way to get me past my plateau in strength that I had reached. It took A LOT of convincing, but I’m very happy that I signed up at Bytown CrossFit with my friend Matt Brown.

why did you choose our gym,

I didn’t do any shopping around. Again, I knew that my friend Mike, who has experienced other xfit boxes, knows me well enough to understand which box would be the best fit for me and my glorious personality, and I simply trusted his judgment.

what are your goals,

I’m not really goal or achievement oriented. I came to CrossFit thinking it would be nice to learn new skills, gain a bit more jnap (jam and snap) as well as some extra muscle… and I’ve far exceed all of those already. #acheivementunlocked

what do you do for a living, hobbies,

I’m the greatest substitute teacher with the English public school board here in Ottawa and I absolutely love my job. Other than that, I cross-country ski competitively on a national team and I have a very realistic chance of representing Trinidad and Tobago, my country of birth, at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang, South Korea.

what change have you noticed,

I feel a little tougher in the sense that I’m more resistant to injury and that I recover faster after pushing my body past the limit - I can just take more punishment. Importantly, I have a lot more jnap (jam and snap) when skiing too! One bad change though is that some of my pants are too tight now.

what motivates you,


Not a lot. I’m not goal or status oriented, not motivated by money, achievement or nice things. At the end of the day, only people can motivate me to be my best and only people can make me happy. My neurology is also such that I don’t even enjoy the world through my eyes. Much like a child, I require playmates, community and activity; Bytown CrossFit provides the best of all of these

But what does actually motivate me is having the ability to influence social and cultural dynamics for the better. Kindness and concern for others, plus a lifestyle founded on harm-reduction are active underlying motivators for my day-to-day life at this time. I’m proudly vegetarian and I thoroughly appreciate how privileged I am to be able to affect positive changes in the lives of others - whether it be individually, across the spectrum of society, or throughout the world - acting in the capacity of a friend, teacher or international sports ambassador.

favorite WOD,

I really don’t feel I have enough time in CrossFit to make a definitive statement when it comes to a favourite WOD. At this stage of my CrossFit experience, it would probably be a WOD involving a lot of cleans, pull ups and rope climbs. I do however have unfavourite WODs.. ie. the most recent being that 3-6-9-12-15-12-9-6-3 kb swing/squat snatch case study in terrorism. Where’s a 2000lb JDAM when you need one?

Advice to new members

I’m usually oozing with great advice all the time. Some of my standard advice includes...

“Check yourself before you wreck yourself”

“No negative self-talk”

“If you’re not first, you’re last”

“Recovery hotdogs are what you need ”

But in all honestly, the best advice I can give is to just be yourself, it is one of the bravest things anyone can do. We live in a society designed to conform and constrict; developing self-acceptance requires confidence, bravery and resilience. Reject the hivemind. Try to think critically with empathy and always be the best version of you, that you can be. And remember, the only way things are guaranteed not to work out is when you stop trying.

Dan Shrum