October 2017


We, the CrossFit Bytown coaching staff, are very excited to award our October 2017 Member of the Month to Rob Fletch. Rob always comes to the box and works his butt off regardless of what class he is in, be it CrossFit Strongman or the Weightlifting Class. He consistently show up a few minutes early before class to work on mobility while conversing with other members. He also just cancelled his Goodlife Gym membership, so we are stuck with him and we are damn happy about it :)

Why did you choose Crossfit?

I’ve always worked out and played sports and for the last number of years I had a personal trainer at large gym chain that shall remain nameless, and while the trainer was awesome, it just became too expensive. So once I didn’t have a trainer, I found myself without any direction, working out alone in said globo gym. in an atmosphere that I didn’t find positive and quite frankly hated! in other words the d-bag factor was off the charts!!!So guess what happened? I lost motivation and stopped training regularly for the most part. I chose Crossfit, because I needed something different to get me to enjoy the gym again. I’ve played sports all my life and as we got older it was harder and harder to get organized for sports teams as people get busy with job, families, and life in general. I liked the idea of the group workout aspect of crossfit. I also loved the idea of taking on something that is a challenge, that I wasn’t sure that I could do, and that average person probably wouldn’t do.

Why did you choose our gym?

I chose Bytown after a couple of friends of mind invited me to come out and try a couple of classes at Crossfit Closer. I really liked the box there but Kanata wasn’t close to work or home since I live downtown Bytown was an obvious choice. More importantly, as a masters athlete (yes you’re all shocked to know I’m not 25, don’t lie), I was concerned about making sure I stayed healthy and worked on fundamentals. Bytown’s reputation for working on fundamentals particularly for the Foundations class was well known by the crossfitters I know in other gyms. And I have to say that reputation is well-deserved having taken Karine’s Foundations course. Most importantly, I had heard that the atmosphere was great and coaches were great and that is absolutely true, people need to know that it’s a fantastic group we have here! Now if I could get them to play just a bit more country music in the gym…

What are your goals?

My goals are to be fit, healthy and continue to lead a healthy, fulfilling , and fun life. Life is NOT a spectator sport, to enjoy it you’ve got to do s#%t. There are too many people who once they hit the big 4-0, just stopping working out and kind of just give up. If want to go hiking in Iceland, or surfing in Costa Rica I have to have the physical ability and the mindset to do it and crossfit definitely is part of that! Train not to suck at life indeed!

What do you do for a living, hobbies?

I’m an executive in the federal government. I responsible for digital identity services at Service Canada. My hobbies are football, and softball, and now crossfit for sure. I love to travel.I’m also a HUGE music fan especially country music, so often travel to see music festivals, oh and I also really like bourbon and Jack Daniels. Thus the need to work out!

What change have you noticed? As an office worker, constantly seated in front of a computer, I always had trouble with my hip flexors. And now since starting Crossfit, with all the exercises that require hip mobility, I no longer have any problems with my hip flexors. More importantly, I feel generally stronger and fitter. I’m squatting weight I haven’t put up since my 20s and doing it easily. I’ve noticed a real difference when I play sports. My fitness level is much higher, I don’t get winded easily and my explosiveness for sprinting in softball and touch football has improved greatly. The biggest change overall for me is stress reduction. I have a high stress job and Crossfit allows me to leave it where it should be, at the office, this contributes to my overall health.

What motivates you?

I’m always motivated by doing something different, something that the average person won’t do. Crossfit, especially as you get older falls into that category. Favorite WOD McGhee and Cindy, although the masochist in me is intrigued by Murph, even though I haven’t yet had the pleasure.

Advice to new members Patience, Patience, Patience, everyone started somewhere. Listen to your body, especially important for Master’s athletes, if you need some rest take it.
Also a few other tidbits:
1) never wear Coach Dan’s lifters or knee wraps without hazmat gear.
2) You need to know at Bytown there is no such thing as TMI, all things will be discussed, and I mean all.. 
3) Try some of Everett’s strongman classes to mix it up, it’s super fun!
4) Oh and for godsakes, if you like country music, speak up Karine and I can’t keep forcing the issue ourselves!

Crossfit Bytown