February 2017

We, at CrossFit Bytown, would like to congratulate Ariane Clairoux for being the member for the Month for February . Ariane always trains with purpose, but without taking things too seriously. She pays attention when the coach is instructing the class and is always pleasure to be around. Here are a few words from Ariane.

Why did you choose Crossfit?

I used to be a competitive swimmer, but at some point early morning swimming was not compatible with med school. A friend of mine introduced me to crossfit. My first workout was front squats in the middle of the street, we would then drop/throw the barbell and sprint down the street. I loved it instantly!

Why did you choose our gym?

When I moved to Ottawa my coach from Montreal recommended Bytown and it is super close to work.

What are your goals?

I love olympic lifting and I work on increasing my lifts. I want to get better at everything gymnastics (damn long limbs!). And on a daily basis, I just want to feel good and fall asleep really quickly at night!

What do you do for a living, hobbies?

I am an anesthesiologist. I am in Ottawa for a year doing a fellowship in regional anesthesia at The Ottawa Hospital.

I love the outdoors and practicing different sports. Right now, I do mostly flying trapeze and I started backcountry skiing (when you walk up the hills before going down...). Backcountry with my brother who has ADHD is a hell of a workout!

What changes have you noticed?

My nice blouses don't fit me anymore. On good days, I have abs. When I'm not sore, everyday tasks are easier. My hands are a piece of art. I sometimes impress people at work when I transfer heavy patients on their stretcher!

What motivates you?

Endorphines. Getting stronger. Making friends. Snatch PRs.

Favorite WOD?

Snatches, snatches, snatches. 1RM snatch. Or just anything with snatches. And wods with all the things that tall people are good at: wallballs, rowing and rope climbs.

Advice to new members?

I've been to a few gyms over the years and this one is truly amazing. If I could take it back to Montreal when I move back, I would. So, just get in there, you are lucky to have such a gym in your town!

Dan Shrum