March 2017

We, at CrossFit Bytown would like to congratulate Alice Dean (board name WONDERLAND) for being the member r for the Month of February . Alice comes at all hrs of the day and always makes times for her health and fitness. She practices great eating habits and puts 100% effort into each training session. She comes into the box with a big smile and is happy to see everyone.
Here are a few words from Alice Dean

1. Why did you choose crossfit? During grad school, I worked at Red Apron with Robin Lavigne whose level of fitness I greatly admire. At the time I was training for my first triathlon and wanted to venture into the weight room. I had no clue what I was doing with weights and wanted to learn. She set up a meeting with Coach Dan and I began P/T for about 3-4 months until I felt comfortable to start doing the classes!

What are your goals? 
To be the most functionally fit I can be in my daily life (I.e. carry heavy things without assistance, continue to feel well in my body), to back squat 200lbs, and continue to push the envelope regarding what's possible for me.

What do you do for a living? Political Consultant (currently working for the City of Ottawa & a progressive think tank) and owner/operator of Bright Perspective Media (my online media company).

What motivates you? 
Self-Improvement in all aspects of my life. Fitness has become a huge part of that.

What changes have you noticed? 
I started doing two a days almost a year ago with a supportive coach and friend, since then I have lost 20lbs and the subsequent changes have been evident physically. I also sleep better and pay close attention to my nutrition.

What are your hobbies? Reading and cooking.

Favourite WOD? 
Cindy (or bodyweight dominant wods) & anything with Deadlifts.

Advice to new members? 
Have fun and enjoy the journey, we all start somewhere. Don't be afraid to ask questions and practice sleep hygiene.

Dan Shrum