May 2017

We, at CrossFit Bytown would like to congratulate Nick Woods (board name Woods) for being the member for the Month of May . Nick is a super social guy who always comes into the box in a great mood. Most likely,Nick is at Bytown doing his second training session of the day, but he still puts in all he's got. Also, he sports a great moustache, loves to rock climb, and enjoys long walks along the beach.

���Here are a few words from��� Nick Woods

Why did you choose Crossfit?

I have a real affinity for constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

Also, fitness has always been something that I have been drawn towards, whether it was collegiate level sport, or recreational LARPing, it has been a constant in some capacity. Crossfit is a healthy combination of competitive fitness, lifestyle and community that works for me.

Why did you choose Crossfit Bytown?
�I moved to Ottawa last September and it was my intention to tour around and try all the gym’s in the area, to find what worked best for me (also because I’m cheap and wanted to get three free classes at each gym). However, it ended up being the first and only gym I visited on that tour. From the moment I stepped inside, Bytown had everything I was looking for: Perfect location, competitive pricing, the best gym hours around, great coaches (questionable judgment, I know), and a fantastic community (even more questionable judgement). In particular though, the people are what made my decision an easy one. Everyone was very welcoming and there was such a vibrant and palpable sense of community, it was exactly what I was looking for in a box, and what I wanted to be a part of.

What are your goals? 
�My goal is to get fitter in body, mind, spirit, every damn day, and enjoy doing it.

What do you do for a living, hobbies?

I’m a Healthcare Administration Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, and crossfit is a great way to ensure that I am fit to serve. When I’m not #Crossfitting, I live to travel, hike, rock climb, bike, drink wine and eat real food. But I digress, all this is covered on my Instagram account, and ‘Dating’ Apps, please inquire within.

What changes have you noticed?

I’ve progressed from the female, to the male Olympic bar, and Karine Shrum now asks me, “What time did you get?”

What motivates you?


Getting fitter every day, pushing myself to see what I’m capable of; and burning enough calories to eat as much Pho and ice cream sandwiches as I do (Gluten Free of course). And beating Mitch.

Favorite WOD?

I don’t have a favorite WOD, I enjoy the constant variation that is Crossfit.

Advice to new members?

My advice would be to go at your own pace, everyone has their own goals and reasons for joining. As long as you’re getting fitter and having fun while doing it, that’s what is important. Create SMART goals, enjoy the process as much as the results, and embrace the community.

Thank you!

Dan Shrum