June 2017

We, at CrossFit Bytown would like to congratulate Claire MacEwen for being the member for the Month of June . A few month back Claire had suffered a shoulder injury. But she didn't let that stop her. She continued to train, working around the injury and sough out the proper treatment. She has now mad a full comeback and crushing wodz again.

Here are a few words from Claire MacEwen

Why did you choose CrossFit?
I’ve always been active and prefer individual sports in a community atmosphere. Before trying CrossFit I was training in martial arts, but I really wanted to improve my strength. I’d tried going to traditional gyms but just got too bored! So I got over my nervousness about CrossFit and signed up!

Why did you choose our gym?
I really like how many classes there are in a day. It’s flexible so I can always get a workout in no matter what I have on the go that day. The dedicated Foundations program was essential for a newbie and from day one Karine made it fun and relaxed. Also having a yoga class included in the membership was a bonus!

What are you goals?
First and foremost: Continual self-improvement. CrossFit is so varied there is always a weakness I can work on. In terms of numbers right now: a body-weight snatch and double body-weight squat 😉


What do you do for a living, hobbies?
I am a performance measurement specialist working for Global Affairs Canada. Summer is my favourite time of year so I can get in some hiking, camping on the beach, and outdoor music events. I’m also a bit of nerd and enjoy reading the attending the occasional lecture. My music interests are all over the map.

What changes have you noticed?
Body transformation and strength! I weigh about the same as I did when I started but my body composition is completely different with a lot more muscle and a lot fat. Just goes to show the scale can be a pretty skewed indicator of strength and health. Another thing I’ve noticed is improved body awareness. CrossFit has shown me where I have imbalances and how to work on them to avoid or recover from injury.

What motivates you?
Feeling strong and confident. Being a crossfitter helped me develop a healthy body image and good nutrition to fuel my workouts. It’s a huge confidence booster that goes beyond the gym. Not to mention the amazing supportive environment at Bytown keeps bringing me back even on the days when I’d rather binge on Netflix and Fruit Loops.

Favourite WOD?
Anything with box jumps, double-unders or cleans – my favourite movements!

Advice for new members?
Don’t get intimidated and know that it is ok to fail. You don’t know what you are capable of unless you go for it, and the coaches will make sure that you have the proper technique so you won’t get hurt. Ask questions, prioritize mobility, have patience and progress will come naturally 😉

Dan Shrum