July 2017


We, at CrossFit Bytown would like to congratulate Pame Guerra for being the member for the Month of July . She always comes in happy and ready to work. That with her consistency has helped her improved immensely during her time at CrossFit Bytown. And here are a few words from her.

Why did you choose CrossFit? 
I used to work out a lot on my own at the gym but I got bored and discouraged. After hitting a plateau, and not progressing, not getting stronger I started to lack motivation. I started to read about CrossFit and getting informed and I decided to give it a try. 
Why did you choose our gym? 
Honestly, when I started to do a bit of research about CrossFit gyms, you guys are one of the first I found! And best of all it happens to be close from my house! So I decided that I would try some classes and I LOVED IT! It was exactly what I was looking for. 
What are your goals? 
Strength. When I was a teenager I was working out just to look good and lose weight. I didn't pay enough attention to the importance of being strong overall. 
What do you do for a living? 
I am a certified Sommelier, Barista and I am also enrolled in the International Management program at University of Ottawa. 
I adore cooking and playing with food and wine pairings. I will cook a special dish for a wine, or I will choose a wine for an specific meal I want to eat. I love trying new things. I'm super curious. I love traveling and doing yoga. I LOVE going to restaurants. Everything food related is a passion for me. 
What change have you noticed? 
I have notice a lot of improvement in my mobility, strength and endurance but I still have a long way to go. 
What motivates you? 
FOOD. I work out because I don't want to restrict myself but I want at the same time be fit and stay in shape. I also like the feeling after any workout at CrossFit bytown. Lots of endorphins and happiness. 
Favorite Wod? 
All of them. Specially the ones that include running outside! 
Advice to new members? 
CrossFit can certainly be intimidating but don't be discouraged and don't be hard on yourself. Perseverance and patience are the key.

Dan Shrum