September 2018

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We are proud to have Tania as the member of the month for September. She is a regular 6am member that most of the evening have probably never had the joy to meet her but have definitely seen her handywork. She has been naming and writing the WOD on the board for awhile. All that beautiful hand writing and colour coding is done mostly by her. You can usually notice when its one of the morning coaches due to the lack of “flair

Why did you choose crossfit?

It was 2014 and I was living in Washington, D.C. A sunny afternoon with three girlfriends, we were trying to figure out a sport or exercise in which we could get abs, browsing through the internet we found a groupon for a couples CrossFit Gym, we decided to check it out.

Being a swimmer, runner, triathlon and gym visitor, I had never squatted.  I had no idea that crossfit required lots of squatting, so after, suffering the foundations and WoDS, thinking of how I couldn’t squat I was the last survivor of my group of friends. After, four years here I am.


Why did you choose Bytown?

In the month of April 2016, I visited Bytown, a tall guy with beard looks at me at the gym and asks me “may I help you?” I just looked around a bit confused and he said we are very friendly box. It was my first encounter with one of the co-owners at that time.  I moved to Ottawa in July and found Everett very knowledgeable and helpful as the registration and the accessibility from my house to the gym.


What are your goals?

I had a hard time understanding that nutrition is the base of the pyramid, I love eating out and travel for pleasure and work. For my immediate goals, I would state nutrition and long-term goals to continue getting stronger and slimmer with the tips of Coach Everett and accessory work by Coach T and with the company of my buddy Juice.


What do you do for a living?

I am an Attorney, currently working as a Consul to the Embassy of Honduras in Ottawa, within my responsibilities is consular protection for more than 300 Honduras foreign workers in the Windsor- Sussex area, who work in agricultural farms. I love my work, it is really rewarding to see in a short term the adaptation of the guys, to the climate, culture and how they help their families back home. Sometimes their work involves lifting heavy boxes, so I just apply some few tips about how you lift sandbags ☺


What are your hobbies?

I like helping the homeless, people need so much of us in this world, sometimes I just cook some pasta and bring it to any shelter.  Also, as a good Latina, I love music, so a bit of salsa, merengue and bachata is always on my play list. I also enjoy politics, so I am always reading or catching up with all the media spur.


What changes have you noticed?

My arms, my shirts don’t fit, but I’ve learned to go shopping for more...

What motivates you?

My 6AM class, we have our own team, it’s a great group of friends of different ages and background who respect each other.  It’s so awesome to know that we care for each other, we have assigned our own working space and we also own A Playlist(6AM) your day seems easier with a big boost of energy. 


Favorite WOD?

My favorite WOD is Murph, one year I did it twice in the Day.


Advice to new members.

Wake UP, Work Out, Look Hot! 

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