November 2018

CrossFit Bytown is proud to introduce Henry as the member of the month of November. Henry might be unknown to many of the evening people but he has been a solid member of the morning crew for quite some time  


Why did you choose crossfit?

I was curious about olympic weightlifting and looking to train outside of a typical gym, so when a couple of friends thought about starting at Bytown, I decided to tag along. That was three and a half years ago!

Why did you choose Bytown?

I live and work downtown, so location was important. The coaches and members are all super approachable and friendly.

What are your goals?

I used to have a long list of specific goals to achieve and movements to learn. But these days, it’s more about gradual all-around improvements over time.

What do you do for a living?

I work in communications at Public Safety Canada, helping to make complex issues more understandable to everyone. These days, I’m focusing on countering radicalization to violence.

What are your hobbies?

Travel, cooking - also pretty excited to start hitting the hills and going snowboarding again.

What changes have you noticed?

I’ve gotten a lot stronger and put on muscle all around.

It’s interesting. I mistakenly used to think that I have a really tough time putting on muscle. But after training for a couple of years, just having fun, I look at myself now and realize - oh wait, I’ve already done it.

I mostly notice it now when I try on old clothes and wonder how I ever fit into them in the first place.

What motivates you?

Hard to say! I like knowing that if I just show up consistently and do the work, I’ll keep getting better.

And maybe also the 6 a.m. folks. As tough as it is to show up at 7 some mornings, it’s still not... 6 a.m.

Favourite WOD?

I’ll take a long chipper over short workouts any day of the week.

Advice to new members.

There are a lot of different ways to improve and get fit, and a lot of it happens outside the gym.

Learn about nutrition, take your rest days, try other sports, get more and better sleep!

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