February 2018


We, the CrossFit Bytown coaching staff, are very excited to award our February 2018 Member of the Month to Randy Vai Cavalo Vertinelli. Randy is always excited to come to the box. He comes in to train hard and make an effort to know each individual that trains at Bytown. He’s always welcoming to anyone new, making them feel like part of the Bytown fam. Finally, he’s the most enthusiastic about making his workout Rx!

Why did you choose CrossFit?
I chose CrossFit because I was very intrigued by the strength and technical movements. I was also sick of the absolute monotony of the warmups and exercises in my old gym. After a good month of combining my awesome stamina while at the same time discovering my newfound strength, I decided to make the switch to CF. I also find that CrossFit has a lot more creativity and has a way to build muscle in so many different and interesting ways.

Why did you choose our gym?
I chose CrossFit ByTown because of the strength skill aspect. After briefly trying a nearby CrossFit gym, I wasn’t feeling the atmosphere and there was less opportunity for me to work on what I wanted to work on. At ByTown, I got more opportunity to practice all kinds of different techniques. That and I love getting down and dirty doing tire flips on a rainy day, yoke carries and I love the time-consuming longer WODs.

Doesn’t matter who makes them whether it’s Dan the Man or Taylor or even Ev who looks like a really jacked Santa Claus/lumberjack super villain (just kidding. I want to keep Ev as a friend because you never know, he could become a more powerful and evil person and punish us all with endless Burpees because of me haha).

What are your goals?
My goals are to keep getting stronger and do as much Strongman stuff as possible. I plan on doing Strongman comps as one of my new year’s resolutions for 2018 for the very first time in my life, something I never in a million years thought I’d ever be doing. Another goal is to catch up to Dan in PRs, mainly the strict press where I’m not that far behind him lol. You read that right, Danny boy haha.

What do you do for a living?
I work at Health Canada for the Inuit visual health department. I mainly deal with inquiries from clients in the Inuit and Aboriginal areas of Canada.

Other than kicking ass at ByTown in class, I sometimes get out to run, check out different sushi restaurants and I like to read some science fiction and anything involving politics. I say that last bit because I hold a degree in political science.

What changes have you noticed?
I noticed I’ve put on about 25lbs of muscle, I’m so much more driven than before and I love how I look without my shirt on after almost every WOD lol. (Still working up the courage to take my shirt off during or right before a WOD after I was tempted to do it a few times in my earlier months at ByTown). I also feel so much more mentally stronger because of the fact that this is the most amount of muscle I’ve ever gained in my life.

What motivates you?
Other than beer, money and women (lol), what motivates me is having the right coaches and the right members who quickly become like family. That to me makes all the difference in the world when you have the perfect atmosphere around you when they constantly cheer you on during the workouts and the skills.

Favourite WOD?
Wow, way too many to name though I loved doing the partner WOD called “HellaKaren”. I also loved Fran after doing all of the first 21 Thrusters unbroken. That and the one where it was 30-25-20-15-10-5 Thrusters (95/65) & Toes to Bar with 30 DUs after every round.

Advice to new members?
Never feel ashamed if you have a day where you can’t lift as much as you wanted to. Also, do what GSP does which is have a “white belt mentality” meaning always treat everything like a learning experience. Lastly, never be shy to ask the coaches questions, especially if it’s Karine or Dan otherwise known as the most evil coaching brother-sister duo in town. (Again, only kidding as you never know like I said before with Ev).

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